アダマンタイタス [adamantitas] in Japanese. The word is led from Adamantoise, but uses a combination of the words 'titan' and 'tortoise' for its ending instead of simply referring to 'tortoise' (English name) or 'titan' + 'mai' of unknown source (Japanese name).

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 198, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Float, Type: Beast/Titantoise
Stats (level 40-41): HP 14,704-15,024, MP 999, ATK 57-59, DEF 29-30, MDEF 28-30, EVA 0, STR 33-36, MAG 23, VIT 57-58, SPD 16-18
Stats (level 40-42): HP 24,481-35,121, MP 999, ATK 75-79, DEF 34-36, MDEF 36-40, EVA 0, STR 36-42, MAG 28, VIT 63-65, SPD 19-23
EXP: 3,576-3,750, 5,283-5,631 / LP: 2 / Clan points: 485-712, 675-1,129
Immunity: Petrify, Doom, Confuse, Reverse, Disable, Immobilize, Sap, Lure, Berserk, Charm
Absorb: Earth
Weakness: Wind
Abilities: Attack (x1-x2 with 17% chance), Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, Watera, Protect, Shell, Flatten, Purify, Stone Stomp, Stone Gaze, Restore, Meditate
Passive Abilities: Null Knockback, Piercing Magic, Crit HP -> DEF+
Drops: Turtle Shell/Earth Crystal 40%, Water Stone/Hi-Potion 25%, Phoenix Down/Aged Turtle Shell 3%, Water Magicite/Ancient Turtle Shell 1%, Pebble 30%/Adamantite 8% with monograph, Arcana 7%/17% with canopic jar
Steal: Water Stone/200 gil 55%, Aries Gem/Aged Turtle Shell 10%, Soldier's Cap/Aries Gem 3%
Poach: Turtle Shell/Aged Turtle Shell 95%, Smelling Salts/Adamantite 5%
Place: Cerobi Steppe
Description: Of the great shelled titantoises, the strain with the shell of the hardest metal is the adamantitan. The naturally-occurring adamantite that forms its shell cannot be manufacted, making the creature famous among metalworkers. They are remarkable for the slowness of their growth, requiring several thousands of years to reach maturity.

Category: Bestiary

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