Life in Vana'diel

A collection of articles and stories from Vana'diel. Archived from the official site. Archived stories include ones from the Life in Vana'diel series and news flash items that detail upcoming in-game events.

From Melvien's Journal - Soul Puppet (13/03/2014)
Jemimi's Mission - Impossible-Wossible (12/03/2014)
The Season of Cherry Blossoms and My Liege of Evergreen (12/02/2014)
From Melvien's Journal - The Ingrid Nobody Knows (04/02/2014)
Rest Ashored, Love is in the Garden! (29/01/2014)
Melvien's Personal Reflections - Box Garden World (16/01/2014)
Galloping into the New Year! (01/01/2014)
Mo' Moogles, Mo' Problems (09/12/2013)
Grennith's Diary (07/11/2013)
Arboreal Maledictions (29/10/2013)
Don't Judge a Galka by His Fur (16/10/2013)
Muscular Monk Faces Fears Before Bitter Buffalo (05/09/2013)
Arciela's Diary (22/08/2013)
Melvien's Personal Reflections - Curses from on High (03/10/2013)
Melvien's Personal Reflections - Fruits of Labor (17/09/2013)
Putting a Name to the Darkness (15/08/2013)
Fantastic Fraulein Mumor - Performers from Another Land (31/07/2013)
Adoulin Examiner Inaugural Issue (02/07/2013)
One Wish (18/06/2013)
Melvien's Personal Reflections (6/6/2013)
Spirit of the Samurai (16/04/2013)
Rune Fencers: Adoulin's Protectors of the Faith (25/03/2013)
Geomancers: Wielders of Nature's Force (21/03/2013)
Egg Helm An-egg-dote (14/03/2013)
In the Field: The Coalitions of Adoulin (07/03/2013)
The Sacred City of Adoulin (20/02/2013)
From Ugly to Outstanding (12/02/2013)
A Farewell to Cookies and a Greeting to Arms (06/02/2013)
Pitter-Pattering from Love (25/01/2013)
Slithering into the New Year! (01/01/2013)
The Unfurling Tales of the Mystical Waypoints (28/12/2012)
An Orchestrion Delight (12/12/2012)
Behind the Bats (11/10/2012)
Massive Meeting Moves Moogles to Mambo! (13/09/2012)
Fantastic Fraulein Mumor Graces the Sunbreeze Festival (25/07/2012)
A Backstage Romance (26/06/2012)
Child's Play (19/04/2012)
Eggstra! Eggstra! Read All About It! (21/03/2012)
Bickering Beauties (10/02/2012)
Amorous Affectations (25/01/2012)
Ringing in the New Year (01/01/2012)
Stew Spiced with a Smile (09/12/2011)
A Harrowing Harvest Reunion (12/10/2011)
Facilitate Fast Friendships among Fledgling Adventurers (13/09/2011)
Frauleins a-Frolic in the Summer Breeze (26/07/2011)
Wish Upon a Bamboo Stalk (20/06/2011)
The 9th Annual Adventurer Appreciation Campaign (11/05/2011)
Far Eastern Honor (21/04/2011)
Rated 'M' for Moogle (05/04/2011)
Petal in the Breeze (09/02/2011)

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