The region of Zulkheim (ザルクヘイム地方 [zulkheim-chihou] or 'Zulkheim region' in Japanese) is situated in the central parts of the Quon continent, including the areas north of the Sea of Zafmlug in the Bhefhel Gulf. The northern areas have traditionally belonged to San d'Oria, while the southern areas are under the control of Bastok. The region includes the highlands of La Theine and Konschtat, as well as the beach area of Valkurm Dunes. In the Dunes is located the only major town of the area, Selbina.

The regional produce include several types of flour produced in the windmills of Konschtat, rye, San d'Orian and semolina. Many sheep are also herded in the area which makes sheep meat one of the other main produce. In addition, the area provides marjoram, cabbages and milk. The regional vendors are Phamelise in Southern San d'Oria K-9, Rosswald in Port Bastok J-7 and Bin Stejihna in Windurst Woods G-8.



This vast area lies at the heart of the Quon continent. It is divided into the upland region, which consists of the Konschtat Highlands and La Theine Plateau, and the lowland region, which is made up of the Valkurm Dunes. Though this area has frequently been tested by the tides of war, the region is also known as a crossroads for the cultures of the northern and southern civilizations.1



Selbina is a relatively new harbor town situated between the two major nations of San d'Oria and Bastok. It used to belong to Bastok before, but in the early stages of the Crystal War it declared itself independent, and has remained so since that time. It lies in the middle of the Valkurm Dunes.

La Theine

The La Theine Plateau is located in the northern parts of the region, brushing up against Ronfaure in the north, Jugner Forest in the east and Valkurm Dunes in the south. The area is mostly used to herd sheep these days. Running through it are several mountains and crags, the latter leading deeper into the cave complex known as Ordelle's Caves. In the eastern part of the plateau lies the Crag of Holla.


Konschtat Highlands is located north of the Bastok Mountains in the southern parts of Zulkheim. Directly to the south lies Gustaberg, to the east you can find Grauberg, and to the north lie the areas of Pashhow Marshlands and Valkurm Dunes. The area suffers from heavy winds from time to time, and is home to many windmills. The southern parts of the area is entirely taken over by the Aulgung Pass that leads down from the mountains. At the eastern parts of the area, you can find the Crag of Dem and the Gusgen Mines.


Valkurm Dunes is located in the lowlands between the areas of La Theine and Konschtat, giving out into the Sea of Zafmlug. The area features the only viable harbor of the region, located in Selbina within the Dunes. To the east of the town are the Siren Sands, and after certain progression in the Chains of Promathia story a swirling vortex leading to Lufaise Meadows. To the west of the town lie the Whitebone Sands, and to the north of it is the region's outpost. In the very west portion of the Dunes lies a secluded beach with an entrance to Gustav Tunnel.

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