Zephyr Drift


Zephyr Drift (ゼファードリフト [zephyr drift] in Japanese) is the southernmost area of middle La Noscea. It used to belong to the Bearded Rock area, but was renamed for version 2.0 when Bearded Rock was cut up into numerous smaller portions. The Rogue River forms the northern boundary line where Zephyr Drift changes into Summerford. To the south and west it is held in by steep cliffs typical to the La Noscea area, and to the east lies the Galadion Bay. Most notably, Zephyr Drift is home to the La Thagran Eastroad, leading people and goods both north and south from Limsa Lominsa's main gate, the Zephyr Gate.


La Thagran Checkpoint

The La Thagran Checkpoint (ラザグラン関門 [la thagran kanmon] or 'la thagran gateway' in Japanese) is located a little ways south from the Zephyr Gate on the La Thagran Eastroad. It was built to ward off possible threats, such as the kobolds that have in recent years been known to roam as far south as Cedarwood. It was originally manned by soldiers of the Maelstrom, but the duty has since been given to the Yellowjackets.1

La Thagran Eastroad

The La Thagran Eastroad (ラザグラン街道 [la thagran kaidou] or 'la thagran highway' in Japanese) is one of the two main roads in Vylbrand. This one starts at the Zephyr Gate, and heads both south towards Cedarwood and north to Skull Valley.

Zephyr Gate

Zephyr Gate (ゼファー陸門 [zephyr rikumon] or 'zephyr landgate' in Japanese) is the main gate to Limsa Lominsa. To reach the city from there, one must pass through the bridge Procession of Terns across the coastwaters of the Galadion Bay. The first building travelers of the Zephyr Gate come to is the Mizzenmast.


Note that in version 1.x the Zephyr Drift was part of the greater Bearded Rock area. Please see Bearded Rock's page for the 1.x info.


La Thagran Checkpoint

Quest NPCS
Perimu Haurimu
Tataru Taru
Roegadyn Ruffian

Yellowjacket Drill Sergeant

Event NPCs
Tori Bugyo


Side Quests
Yarzon, Yarzoff

On the Lamb
Yellow-bellied Greenbacks

Event FATEs
Pounding More Mochi, Pounding More Hearts


Level: 50
Fire Cluster
Grade 3 La Noscean Topsoil

Level: 50
Ebony Log

Fishing: Zephyr Drift
Level: 1, Type: Saltwater
Other: the Japanese name further identifies this as the Zephyr Drift Coast
Blue Octopus
Coral Butterfly
Finger Shrimp
Harbor Herring
Lominsan Anchovy
Merlthor Goby
Ocean Cloud
Sea Cucumber


Regular Monsters
Little Ladybug
Lost Lamb
Mossless Goobbue
Wharf Rat

FATE Monsters
Lost Lamb
Yellowjacket Recruit

Quest Monsters
Tree Slug

Event Monsters
Advent Mochi
Bombard Blank
Mochi Thief
The Strongman

Rank B+ Hunts
Skogs Fru
Vogaal Ja

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