Zelma's Run


Zelma's Run in English is actually two separate places, both located around Bronze Lake in upper La Noscea, but both having separate locations and separate Japanese names. The Zelma's Run present in version 1.x before the Calamity was ゼルマ山道 [zelma sandou] or 'zelma mountainpath' in Japanese, and was located south of the Lake, connecting the north-eastern area of Iron Lake to the western area of Oakwood and the south-western area of Skull Valley. The second location, present in version 2.0+, is a canyon called ゼルマ渓谷 [zelma keikoku] or 'zelma canyon' in Japanese, located to the east-north-east of the Lake, connecting the Bronze Lake area to the Iron Lake area.

Both locations are named after a hunter called Zelma, who stumbled on an assault force of kobolds at the foot of O'Ghomoro1, and heroically ran through the canyon bearing his name to warn Limsa Lominsa of the impending attack, even though gravely wounded. Zelma died of his wounds, but his warning allowed the Knights of the Barracuda to win over the kobolds.


Kobold Crystal

At the wall of the eastern branch of the Zelma's Run canyon is a lump of natural aetheryte, harnessed into use by the local kobolds. It connects to the aethernet present in the kobold stronghold of U'Ghamaro deep within the bowels of O'Ghomoro.

The Navel

The Navel is located in the heart of U'Ghamaro, deep in kobold territory. It is where the Warrior of Light and their companions face the primal Titan. The area is actually a high stone pillar surrounded by lavaflows.



Note that there were no NPCs in Zelma's Run in version 1.x.

Quest NPCs
Curious Gorge
Y'shtola Rhul
Mamool Ja Mercenary Captain
Storm Private


Note that there were no gathering points in Zelma's Run in version 1.x.

Fishing: Northeast Bronze Lake
Level: 35, Type: Freshwater
Bronze Lake Trout
Four-eyed Fish
Giant Bass
Giant Catfish
Jade Eel
King of the Spring
Mitten Crab
Pond Mussel


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Kobold Patrolman
Kobold Pitman
Kobold Sidesman
Kobold Supplicant
Kobold Mendicant
Surf Eft

FATE Monsters (2.0+)
Kobold Pitman
Kobold Supplicant

Quest Monsters (1.x)
Kobold Supplicant

Rank B+ Hunts (2.0+)

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