Zanarkand Ruins
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Zanarkand Ruins is one of the DLC locations available in Final Fantasy All the Bravest. You can access it by first buying an airship ticket to Zanarkand, then accessing it with an airship from your Map menu. It has 7 locations to it. It bears noting that the locations are always of level equal to your own, you cannot powerlevel and then clear this area map.
Not much at all can be said about the location of Zanarkand. It is accessed by airship only.




This section lists the available new loot from the monsters in the area. Loot from monsters that have also appeared in non-DLC locations has not been listed.

Arc Sword
Burning Fists
Herding Staff
Judicer's Staff
Wind Spear


This section lists the available monster encounters in every location of the area.

Zanarkand Ruins 1
Flan x2, Mushussu
Garuda x2
Garuda, Floating Eye x2
Mushussu x2

Zanarkand Ruins 2
Floating Death x2
Floating Death x2, Garuda
Floating Death, Grenade x2
Floating Eye x2, Grenade x2
Mushussu, Grenade x2

Zanarkand Ruins 3
Boss: YAT-99 x2, Iron Giant

Zanarkand Ruins 4
Malboro x2
Iron Giant x2
YAT-99 x2
Rare: Dark Flan
Rare: Dark Flan, Grenade x4

Zanarkand Ruins 5
YAT-99 x2, YAT-97
Nidhogg x2
Behemoth, Mushussu x2
Garuda x2, Zu
Floating Death x2, Iron Giant
Rare: Gold Elemental x3

Zanarkand Ruins 6
Boss: Anima

Zanarkand Ruins 7
Final Boss: Braska's Final Aeon

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