Yugr'am River
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Yugr'am River (ユグラム川 [yugr'am kawa] or 'yugr'am river' in Japanese) is a river in eastern Aldenard. At least originally, its main course separated the grasslands of Paglth'an to the south from the forests of the the Black Shroud to the north, and put out at the Rothlyt Sound. It seems to have its source somewhere around Mor Dhona, at least as far as the Roddard Ironheart map is geographically correct.

The Calamity changed the course of Yugr'am somewhat. In the current days, a branch of it runs through eastern Thanalan. It is unknown what other changes the Calamity wrought on the river's course, it may no longer reach Rothlyt Sound at all considering much of its waters now flow through Thanalan towards south, although it could definitely take a turn to a more easterly direction further downstream from its known location.



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