The World Tree Yggdrasil (天空樹ユグドラシル [tenkuuju yggdrasil] or 'sky tree yggdrasil' in Japanese) is a massive leaf tree of some kind on the small far eastern continent, within the kingdom of Alfheim. It keeps the continent more verdant than it would otherwise be, and there is some indication that all plant life on the continent is directly connected to the health of the World Tree. Entrance for humans is absolutely forbidden, and Yggdrasil is considered holy ground by the elves and other inhabitants of Alfheim.

Yggdrasil rises directly south of the village of Alfheim, and the main entrance is in the village. The only other way up the tree is the Cave to Yggdrasil, which leads to the area right beneath the tree from way north and east at the northern mountains. Most of Yggdrasil consists of various cave-like areas within the trunk of the tree, with some areas on the branches outside the trunk. On the top branches lies what appears to be the throne room of Alfheim. it is where the royal family can be found. However, there is no throne in sight, only tall pillars and a big altar of some kind, positioned so that the moon (and presumably sun as well) can shine right down on it.

The Warriors of Darkness climbed the Yggdrasil to find out what the Avalonian Empire was planning in Alfheim. They found that for some time the king Freyr had been an impostor, the Avalonian general of Earth, Asmodai. The Warriors defeated Asmodai with the real king Freyr's help, and the World Tree gave one of its fruits which turned into a Crystal. The Crystal then gave the Warriors the power of Rangers.




Queen Cilque
Prince Adrian


Lower Section
Echo Grass
Gold Needle
Mage's Staff

Middle Section
Mage's Hat
Mage's Robe

Upper Section
Phoenix Down
Cat Claws
Great Bow
Linen Cuirass

Top Section


Black Widow
Dark Mage
Grizzly Bear
Wood Eater
Boss: Green Keeper
Boss: Green Keeper
Boss: Asmodai

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