World in Record Keeper

Precious little is known about the actual world in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. What we are aware of is that there is a kingdom (unnamed so far) in an unnamed world. In this kingdom, presumably in its capital city but this is equally unknown, is a building called the Royal Archives (歴史省 [rekishishou] or 'ministry of history' in Japanese). Other locations within the Royal Archives are unknown, but deep within it there is a place called Gallery of Records (扉の間 [tobira no ma] or 'hall of doors' in Japanese), in which are located all the paintings that depict the memorable moments of main series Final Fantasies.

The locations visited in the course of gameplay are not actually within the world of Record Keeper, except possibly for the daily event quests, but this latter is unconfirmed. See here for event quests and here for regular story quests.

The city in the kingdom Close-up of the Royal Archives building
A hall (main hall?) in the Archives A library-looking place in the Archives
Gallery of Records, in front of FF4 entrance Inside the FF7 room of the Gallery of Records

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