Wolves' Den


Wolves' Den (ウルヴズジェイル [wolves' jail] in Japanese) is a fighting arena for Grand Company-affiliated elite soldiers. It was built on and around the wreck of the ship Braveheart, now permanently stationed on the Rhotano Sea to the south-west of Vylbrand since its accident during the Calamity.


The above features maps of the Wolves' Den Pier, as well as the various PVP arenas. Note that other PVP areas exist as well, but they are physically located elsewhere.

The Braveheart

The Braveheart (ブレイブハート号 [braveheart gou] or 'SS braveheart' in Japanese is the wrecked ship around which all of Wolves' Den is concentrated. In its heyday, the Braveheart was one of the foremost vessels of the Lominsan navy. These days, it serves to house various merchants and the sign-up counter for the matches of Wolves' Den.

Dueling Circle

The Dueling Circle (個人演習場 [kojin enshuu jou] or 'individual practice ground' in Japanese) is just what it says - an additional pier built into the main system of Wolves' Den for the sole purpose of individual duels.

Wolves' Den Pier

The Wolves' Den Pier (ウルヴズジェイル係船場 [wolves' jail keisenjou] or 'wolves' jail mooring place' in Japanese) is the heart of the Wolves' Den area. It features the main pier with an aetheryte, and offshoots for the Wolves' Den Docks with a ferry connection to the nearby Moraby Drydocks, as well as the Dueling Circle.



Regular NPCs
Storm Captain Berkoeya Loetahlsyn
Ferry Skipper
Storm Private (Armor Outfitter)
Storm Private (Arms Supplier)
Storm Sergeant (Armor Outfitter)
Storm Sergeant (Arms Supplier)
Storm Sergeant (Materia Provisioner)
Faint-hearted Fighter


Side Quests
It's Time to Duel

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