Western La Noscea

Western La Noscea (西ラノシア [nishi la noscea] or 'west la noscea' in Japanese) forms the area around the south-western shores of Vylbrand, and consists of the nearby Isles of Umbra as well. Other main locations within the area are Skull Valley, Quarterstone, Halfstone and Bald Knoll/Sapsa Spawning Grounds. Bald Knoll was taken over by Sahagin after the Calamity, who proceeded to completely change the ecosystem of the area, and as such it was renamed. The hamlet of Aleport and the settlement of Swiftperch are on the coast as well. In addition, Woad Whisper Canyon was also part of Western La Noscea in 1.x, but it was relocated to Middle La Noscea come version 2.0.

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