Weeping Vale


Weeping Vale (幽谷 [yuukoku] or 'deep ravine' in Japanese) is a location in Coerthas eastern lowlands. It's squashed to the north of Fields of Glory and Clearwater in a valley between mountains, and has quite a few caves in its rock walls. One of those caves leads to Feathergorge, another to The Fesse.

As a location, Weeping Vale is very unremarkable. It is small, and only used as a way to reach Feathergorge on foot. Even its aetherial node is very close to Camp Glory, rendering it practically useless.


The Fesse

The Fesse is one of the unreleased dungeon locations in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. It is unknown what it would have been like, or for what purpose it was to be.
The name 'Fesse' could come from two origins. The first meaning is 'a broad horizontal stripe across a shield', as a way of displaying where your loyalty belongs to. The other is the French word for 'buttocks'.



Regular Monsters
Grass Raptor
Scarred Kalong

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