Village of the Ancients


Village of the Ancients (古代人の村 [kodaijin no mura] or 'village of the ancient people' in Japanese) is a small but widely spread village inhabited by the ancients in Final Fantasy III. It is located on the south-western edge of the floating continent, beyond a sprawling forest where chocobos live.

The Village of the Ancients is an optional location that can give you a lot of new goodies to play with, at least if you have the gil to buy them.



Regular NPCs
Unnamed NPCs in Village of the Ancients

Quest NPCs
Legendary Smith


Item Shop
Potion - 50 gil (150 in NES version)
Hi-Potion - 600 gil (1,200 gil in NES version)
Gold Needle - 100 gil (300 gil in NES version)
Maiden's Kiss - 100 gil
Echo Herbs - 100 gil
Mallet - 100 gil
Eye Drops - 40 gil
Antidote - 80 gil

Weapon Shop
Serpent Sword - 1,500 gil
Fire Staff - 3,500 gil
Ice Staff - 3,500 gil
Light Staff - 3,500 gil (3D version only)
Killer Bow - 2,000 gil (4,000 gil in NES version)
Fire Arrow - 150 gil (30 gil in NES version)
Ice Arrow - 150 gil (30 gil in NES version)
Light Arrow - 150 gil (30 gil in NES version)
Wightslayer - 1,000 gil (NES version only)

Armor Shop
Shell Armor - 1,250 gil
Flame Mail - 2,400 gil
Headband - 1,200 gil
Kenpogi - 2,000 gil
Mage Robe - 2,000 gil

Magic Shop
Sight - 100 gil
Fira - 1,500 gil
Blizzara - 1,500 gil
Thundara - 1,500 gil
Cura - 1,500 gil
Teleport - 1,500 gil
Blindna - 1,500 gil


Around the Continent on Chocobo
There is a small task you can complete. Talk to the boy to the left after taking two sets of stairs up from the village entrance. He will task you to go around the floating continent on chocoboback. To complete the task, simply head outside the village to the chocobo forest right outside and take a chocobo. Right around the outer edge of the continent without getting off. When you return to the boy after this, he will reward you with a loaf of gnomish bread.


Village of the Ancients
Serpent Sword


Village of the Ancients Surroundings

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