Vikings' Cove


Vikings' Cove (バイキングのアジト [viking no ajito] or 'viking hideout' in Japanese) is a series of caves just off the Miralka Basin in Final Fantasy III. It connects the central Miranos Mountains with the inner sea of the Floating Continent. The Nepto Temple is on the cape just outside the cove.

When the Warriors of Light arrived, the vikings that inhabit the cove were in a bind. They could no longer sail the inner sea because the Nepto Dragon had awakened and started rampaging. The Warriors agree to investigate the situation, and after they manage to pacify the Nepto Dragon, the viking boss agrees to lend them their ship Enterprise.



Unnamed NPCs in Vikings' Cove


Item Shop
Potion - 50 gil
Eye Drops - 40 gil
Antidote - 80 gil
Gold Needle - 100 gil
Maiden's Kiss - 100 gil

Magic Shop
Fire - 100 gil
Blizzard - 100 gil
Sleep - 100 gil
Thunder - 700 gil
Poison - 700 gil
Blind - 700 gil
Mini - 1,000 gil


Spark Dagger
Viking Axe
3,000 gil

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