Valendia is the country the events of Vagrant Story happen in. It is ruled by a Parliament, and its security is assured by the Valendia Knights of Peace, also known as VKP. VKP has its own circle of rule, and comes with its own Inquisitorial division as well as the Riskbreakers, special agents as well as elite warriors.
When it comes to the true rule of Valendia, both VKP and duke Bardorba have their say. Duke Bardorba is a hero of the most recent civil war, and a retired member of the Parliament.

Valendia is currently in an era of unprecedented freedom, with all religions considered - maybe not valid, but at least tolerated. The main religion is the Church of Iocus, ruled by Cardinal Batista. The Cardinal has his own militia, the Knights of the Cross. Among them is the unit Crimson Blades, who are under his direct command.



Valnain is the (presumed) capital city of Valendia. Not much is known about the city, except that the VKP headquarters are located there.


Not much is known about the Graylands. It is simply presented as the place where duke Bardorba's manor house is located in. It bears noting that the manor is his secondary residence, his primary one is presumed to be in Valnain perhaps.

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