Ur (ウル [ur] in Japanese) is the home village of the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy III1. It is nestled in the north-east of the valley in the Parmeni Mountains on the Floating Continent, and is under the governance of the Kingdom of Sasune, an ancient kingdom who were the first to develop red magic. It is unknown just how much of Sasune's history Ur has existed, although it is known that some people are born with heightened spiritual powers. This may or may not be due to the nearby presence of the Wind Crystal, located within the Altar Cave to the north.

The closest town to Ur is Kazus to the south, at the edge of a fairly small desert area. Castle Sasune where the local king rules from is found to the west, although separated from Ur by an arm of the Parmeni Mountains.

'Ur' is a reference to the real-world city of Ur (located in modern-day southern Iraq), a Mesopotamian city founded around 3800 BCE who for long stretches of its history was under the control or influence of Babylon. The oldest known author in the world comes from Ur, and Ur itself was one of the first cities on Earth. One of its main features was the Ziggurat, built in honor of the moon god Nanna.


Ur is a typical village in the world, and despite its remoteness has all types of shops available (see below for shop selection). A fairly abandoned-looking warehouse sits at the north-eastern corner of the village. The local well is largely dry and can be entered. People presumably get their water elsewhere.

Elder Topapa's House

Elder Topapa's house seems to be not only where Luneth and Arc (in NES version all the Warriors of Light) grew up, but also a gathering place of the village elders. A wellspring is located in the house, allowing the Warriors to revive and heal themselves.




Elder Dahn
Elder Homak
Elder Topapa

Unnamed NPCs in Ur


Item Shop
Potion - 50 gil
Eye Drops - 40 gil
Antidote - 80 gil

Weapons Shop
Knife - 20 gil (NES version only)
Dagger - 60 gil
Longsword - 100 gil
Staff - 40 gil
Nunchaku - 60 gil (NES version only)
Bow - 100 gil (remake version only)
Wooden Arrow - 4 gil (remake version only)

Armor Shop
Vest - 50 gil (NES version only)
Leather Armor - 90 gil
Leather Shield - 40 gil
Leather Cap - 15 gil
Bronze Bracers - 80 gil

Magic Shop
Poisona - 100 gil


Ur proper
Potion (hidden)
Potion (hidden)


Antidote (hidden)
Antidote (hidden)
Eye Drops
Phoenix Down


Ur village and surroundings
Goblin x2

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