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The World (FF2)

FF2 World Versions
Final Fantasy II

Not very much is known about the world in Final Fantasy II. It can be presumed to have one white natural moon, and maps seem to indicate most of its land is in one big continent. Noteworthy with this, however, is that if the maps are right and the connections between the edges of the maps are as in the game, the world would be donut-shaped instead of round. Some caution and/or creative thinking must be applied in this case when describing the landmasses in the game.

The greatest country in the world appears to be the empire of Palamecia. Some sources indicate that their rulers have for several generations now been a bit mad, and have provably made pacts with hell in order to gain power enough to rule the entire known world. Most of the history of the world is unknown, but at least in some point the dragoons of Deist were a world power, and the mages of Mysidia might have been as well.

The world appears to have sealed away large parts of its past due to overwhelming destructive powers the people of those times used, including world-destroying magics and passages to hell. Airships are known to be a relatively recent invention, but still appear to be used over much of the world, including in Palamecia who is in direct warfare with the countries the inventor of the airships associates with.

The World (FF3)

FF3 World Versions
Final Fantasy III

The world in Final Fantasy III has two sides to it. There is the world of Light, created by the Crystals of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, and there is the world of Darkness, created by the four Crystals of Darkness (it is unknown if each Crystal's proper name is simply Crystal of Darkness or if this is a convenient way to describe them for the denizens of the world of Light). This dual world needs both sides to function, and as such if either Light or Darkness grows too powerful, the world will be destroyed and returned to the state of Nothingness from which it began. To prevent this, whenever one side of the world grows too powerful, the Crystals of the opposing side bestow power upon Warriors who then return the balance between the two worlds.

The world of Light has reached at least one peak in its history, when the people known simply as the Ancients grew too proficient at amplifying and using the power of the Crystals of Light, and to counter the Wave of Light that was to follow, the Crystals of Darkness sent out the four Warriors of Darkness. The civilization of the Ancients largely collapsed after this event. Its spiritual successor in modern times, several thousand years after the Ancients, is the kingdom of Saronia, known for its technological advancements. During the game, the power of Darkness grows too strong and the four Warriors of Light were sent by the Crystals of Light to fix the situation.

As per the world of Light's status as still being in recovery after the collapse of the Ancients' civilization, their technology is not too advanced. Airships exist, but are exceedingly rare and only one person in the world fully knows how to build them. Most people live their lives so stationary that they can even be unaware that they are not living on firm ground but instead on a floating continent. It does bear noting, however, that the elite scholars of Saronia are aware of world history and condition far beyond that, and possess at least some writings of the Ancients as well as some of their technology. The status of the world of Darkness is completely unknown.

The World (FF6)

FF6 World Versions
Final Fantasy VI

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The World (FF8)

FF8 World Versions
Final Fantasy VIII

Not much is known about the world in Final Fantasy VIII. It has one naturally white moon that from time to time forms a connection with the earth below (the exact point of a huge natural crystal formation known as the crystal pillar) and starts developing monsters, turning red in the process. These monsters then spew out from the surface of the moon and land on the ground. This phenomenon is known as the Lunar Cry, and it's theorized that the origin of all monsters are Lunar Cries of the past.

Not many inhabitants of the world can use natural magic, although a scientific replica process of it, known as para-magic, has been developed in the hi-tech nation of Esthar. Instead, the current-day world seems to correspond roughly to Earth's technology somewhere between the 60s and the 90s, and most the inhabitants rely on that. Common modes of transportation are cars and trains. Esthar though, is much more advanced in technology, and appears to have cloaking devices and anti-gravity fields at the very least, and is well capable of space travel. Their everyday shopping appears to be handled in virtual shops.

The World (FFCC)

Crystal Chronicles World Versions
Crystal Chronicles
Ring of Fates
Echoes of Time
My Life as a King
My Life as a Darklord

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The World (FF4HL)

4 Heroes of Light World Versions
The 4 Heroes of Light

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The World (FFEX)

Explorers World Versions

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The World (FFDI)

Dimensions World Versions

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The World (FFLCT)

Crystal of Time World Versions
Crystal of Time

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This section briefly presents worlds that have sparse enough info known about them that they can't really be described, and worlds that appear so sparse that they appear not to have a complete un-fragmented world at all, just concepts loosely tied together.

Theatrhythm series world
Airborne Brigade
All the Bravest
Artniks/Artniks Dive
Record Keeper
World Wide Words world
Various Unlimited worlds

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