U'Ghamaro Mines


U'Ghamaro Mines (ウ・ガマロ武装鉱山 [u'ghamaro busou kouzan] or 'the armed mine of U'Ghamaro' in Japanese) is a Kobold stronghold in the volcano O'Ghomoro on the island of Vylbrand. It is accessible through outer La Noscea - north and slightly east of camp Iron Lake in version 1.x, far north from Camp Overlook in version 2.0+.

Both U'Ghamaro and O'Ghomoro are in the koboldian language, although the exact meanings are unknown. It's likewise unknown how long U'Ghamaro has been where it is, but the likelihood is strong that it's a much older construct. The leader of U'Ghamaro Mines in 1571 Sixth Astral Era was Third Order Patriarch Zu Ga. Current leader is unknown.



Note that there were no NPCs present in U'Ghamaro Mines in version 1.x.

Quest NPCs
789th Order Acolyte Ba Go
789th Order Pickman Gi Gu
Alisaie Leveilleur
Alphinaud Leveilleur
13th Order Alchemist
13th Order Scholar


Note that there were no quests originating in U'Ghamaro Mines in version 1.x.

Full Metal Alchemist
Making the Rounds
Spandy Balidet
Stopping the Shakes

Dungeon Info (1.x)

U'Ghamaro is a free dungeon in in-game terms in version 1.x, and meant for parties of 8 of characters level 50. However, there is no attempt to enforce this limit and every adventurer can enter freely. There is a related quest called Kobold and the Beautiful that leads you into exploring the place.

To advance through the doors in U'Ghamaro, it is required to kill the gateguards, called U'Ghamaro Gateman. Once both gatekeepers for a certain door have been killed, the door will open and stay that way for a short while. An alternate method of opening a gate is for a player on the inside of it to approach it.

Enter: free entering
Recommended Level: 45
Party: 8
Time Limit: -
Location: Upper La Noscea (26,2) (Iron Lake) - U'Ghamaro Mines
Quest: Kobold and the Beautiful

Treasure (1.x)

Most treasure from within U'Ghamaro dungeon in version 1.x can be gained from the various treasure chests within the area. Each treasure chest requires a specific key to open, all of which can be found as drops from the mobs.
Note that every coffer mentioned can drop various other items as well, what is listed is only the unique/untradable equip from it.

AF Treasure
DRG: Drachen Gauntlets
MNK: Temple Gaskins

Brass Chest
The Brass U'Ghamaro Coffer Key drops from the Ashman in the Central Furnace, and the coffer is located in the small room to the west of it. The drop is Mercenary's Leggings.

Copper Chest
The Copper U'Ghamaro Coffer Key drops from the Ashman in the Incendiary Locker, and the coffer is located in the small room to the north of it. The drop is Sipahi Gloves.

Bronze Chest
The Bronze U'Ghamaro Coffer Key drops from the Ashman in the tunner before the coffer, and the coffer is in the small eastern room - dead end really. The drop is Warlock's Satchel Belt.

Silver Chest
The Silver U'Ghamaro Coffer Key drops from the U'Ghamaro Overman, right before the coffer. The coffer itself is in the small room to the room of Dome 2605. The drop is Mercenary's Pot Helm.

Gold Chest
The Gold U'Ghamaro Coffer Key drops from Third Order Patriarch Zu Ga. There are three gold coffers, all in the Aurum Loft behind Zu Ga. If you take the left coffer the drop is Sorcerer's Hat, the middle is Mercenary's Slops and the right is Sentinel's Cuirass.


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
13th Order Priest
Elite Bedesman
Elite Priest
Elite Quarryman
Elite Roundsman
Synthetic Doblin
U'Ghamaro Bedesman
U'Ghamaro Golem
U'Ghamaro Priest
U'Ghamaro Quarryman
U'Ghamaro Roundsman
Prototype Bomb Incubator
Alchemist's Tinder
Earth Homunculus
Kobold Prelate
U'Ghamaro Ashman
U'Ghamaro Gateman
U'Ghamaro Gurneyman
U'Ghamaro Junkman
U'Ghamaro Potman
U'Ghamaro Underman
FATE Monsters (2.0+)
59th Order Bedesman Bi Go
59th Order Roundsman Ge Ga
Asbestos Coblyn
Fifth Order Patriarch Ze Bu
Quest Monsters (2.0+)
13th Order Alchemist
13th Order Patrolman
13th Order Quarryman
13th Order Roundsman
13th Order Scholar
Dazzling Bomb
Glowing Bomb
Greater Doblyn
Mark II Limpet Bomb
Number 132
Shard Doblyn
U'Ghamaro Golem
U'Ghamaro Guardian
U'Ghamaro Patrolman
Rank B+ Hunts NMs
U'Ghamaro Overman
Third Order Patriarch Zu Ga &
Zu Ga's Cup Bearer,
Zu Ga's Pick Bearer,
Zu Ga's Sword Bearer &
Number 128

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