Twinpools (ツインプールズ [twinpools] in Japanese) is an area in Coerthas western highlands. It got its name from the two shallow lakes in the area - the Ashpool and the Banepool. The Dreaming Dragon landmark is located in the middle of the Ashpool.

Twinpools is located to the west (/north-west) of Riversmeet. Directly to the north of it lies the Slate Mountains, within which somewhere is the Lance gorge, if it wasn't destroyed in the Calamity entirely. The Calamity also changed the location of the Dusk Vigil somewhat, making it accessible from Twinpools thereafter. The Convictory, a camp of dragonhunters, was established at some point in the area as well.

Note that in version 1.x, the Fury's Gaze landmark is located in Twinpools as well. There is no explanation for how it hopped over to Boulder Downs for version 2.0.


The Dreaming Dragon

Coming soon



Coming soon. There were no quests in Twinpools in version 1.x.


Coming soon. There were no gathering points in Twinpools in version 1.x.


Regular Monsters
Goblin Headman
Inferno Drake

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