Tranquil Paths


Tranquil Paths (トランキル・パース [tranquil paths] in Japanese) is an area in the south Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV. It surrounds the Lumberline heading south from Gridania, and is surrounded by Silent Arbor to the north-east. The other areas vary a little. Originally Longroot used to be to the east and Snakemolt to the south-west, but Snakemolt was retconned to be the one located to the east starting in version 2.0. The original Longroot's status is unknown, it can either be to the south-east, in Snakemolt's original location to the south-west, or even removed entirely, there is no way to know. Whatever the case, to the south the Lumberline continues past various grasslands and ends up in Thanalan, to the north it continues directly to Bentbranch in central Shroud. The river Hathoeva runs through the entirety of the area, entering Tranquil Paths somewhere to the north-west and ending at the Rootslake.

In version 1.x, Tranquil Paths was all considered one big area. However, starting with version 2.0 it has been divided into the northern half Upper Paths (アッパーパス [upper paths] in Japanese) and the southern half Lower Paths (ロウアーパス [lower paths] in Japanese). Upper Paths (or what would later be retconned into Upper Paths) includes the Buscarron's Fold settlement (later called Buscarron's Scar after it's abandonment), as well as the entrance to Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak and an entrance to the Palace of the Dead. The local aetheryte camp used to be there until floodwaters washed it away during the Calamity, and it was relocated south to Lower Paths. Quarrymill was considered to be in Tranquil Paths in version 1.x as well, but it was retconned to be in the Silent Arbor area later.

Likewise, Lower Paths included the Rootslake in the eastern parts in version 1.x. It's unclear whether this was retconned or whether the Calamity really wrought so much damage that it now covers almost the entire Lower Paths in one form or another. Either case, Rootslake can now be found in western Lower Paths (possibly as well as its eastern parts). Uncovered by the Calamity in the south-western corner of Rootslake is also an entrance to the lost city of Amdapor, the capital of a civilization that flourished in the Fifth Astral Era, which had been hidden away by the elementals since the Sixth Umbral Era.


Upper Paths

Buscarron's Druthers

The Buscarron's Druthers tavern (酒房「バスカロンドラザーズ」 [shubou "buscarron druthers"] or 'alehouse buscarron druthers' in Japanese) was established by Buscarron Stacks, who owned the Buscarron's Fold when it was still operational. The Druthers is widely known within the Shroud as a place where anyone is welcome as long as they don't bother other patrons.


Issom-Har (イソム・ハーの穴蔵 [issom-har no anagura] or 'issom-har cave' in Japanese) is an opening made by a falling rock during the Calamity in the cave-riddled ground of the Shroud, that leads to the Gelmorran settlement Issom-Har…at the very least, supposedly. Any who have managed to pierce the magical barrier around the place have not been sent anywhere as familiar as Gelmorran ruins however, and instead find themselves in the Palace of the Dead.

No-Man's Hovel

No-Man's Hovel (主なき庵室 [arujinaki anshitsu] or 'masterless hovel' in Japanese) is an abandoned hovel in south-western Upper Paths, off the beaten road. Nobody knows who lived there originally, and the surroundings are often hounded by poachers and bandits in the present day.

Lower Paths

It bears noting that Rootslake is considered a separate area on Chrysalis, even as it is part of Lower Paths in actuality. Please see the page for Rootslake for information on anything present in that area.

South Shroud Landing

The South Shroud Landing (サウスシュラウド・ランディング [south shroud landing] in Japanese) is a landing for cargo airships built by Highwind Skyways in the Sixth Astral Era. It was abandoned when imperial presence in the area grew too great to safely land airships in the area. In the aftermath of the Calamity, it has become a wayside market1 for poachers and bandits.


Note that Rootslake is considered a separate area on Chrysalis despite actually being a part of Lower Paths. Please see Rootslake's page for any relevant info.


Buscarron's Druthers (2.0+) Camp Tranquil (1.x)
Buscarron Stacks
Alehouse Wench
Arms Supplier & Mender
Gatewarden Hab
Quartermaster Juliembert
Tranquil Battlewarden
Belmont (merchant)
Beneger (merchant)
Edwyn (merchant)
Serpent Sergeant Marquaile
Choc, Choca, Choco
Other NPCs (2.0+) Other NPCs (1.x)
Wood Wailer Bloisirant
Jehantel Fointeaume
Boughbury Trader
Jehantel Fointeaume
Lho Mujuuk
Pukno Poki
Sholno Ralno
Quest/FATE NPCs (2.0+) Quest NPCs (1.x)
Laurentius Daye
Mauh Lihzeh
Paiyo Reiyo
Urha Lihzeh
Abused Adventurer
Drunken Duskwight
Mead-soaked Midlander
Pusillanimous Postmoogle
Unsettled Scholar
Wood Wailer Expeditionary
Wood Wailer Lance
Event NPCs (2.0+) Event NPCs (1.x)
Militia Outrider


Main Quests (2.0+) Main Quests (1.x)
Druthers House Rules
Never Forget
Sylphish Concerns
Nouveau Riche
Into the Beast's Maw
A Simple Gift
Job Quests (2.0+) Job Quests (1.x)
The Archer's Anthem
Bard's-Eye View
Pieces of the Past
Doing It the Bard Way
Requiem for the Fallen
On the Road Again
The Archer's Anthem
Bard's-Eye View
Doing it the Bard Way
Pieces of the Past
Requiem for the Fallen
Side Quests (2.0+) Side Quests (1.x)
Cloven-hoofed Horrors
Enemy Mine
No Guts, No Glory
Occupational Hazards
Potsherds for Posterity
Shadows of the Empire
Stash Saboteur
The Trees Have Eyes
Battlecraft Leves (2.0+) Battlecraft Leves (1.x)
Belly Up
It's a Trap
It's Hard Being Moogle
Killing Beasts Softly
No Leaves Left Behind
The Root of the Problem
What's Yours Is Mine
An Enemy in the Orchards
A Feast fit for a Queen
Forsaken Sacs
Hidden Behind a Hide
Impish Intentions
Leaders of the Pack
Migrating Crustaceans
Reforesting Tranquil
Grand Company Leves (2.0+) Faction Leves (1.x)
- Wanted: Rorogun the Tailtamer
Operation: Sylph Stalkings
Unlike a Rolling Stone
Fieldcraft Leves (2.0+) Fieldcraft Leves (1.x)
Elemental Housekeeping
Fueling the Flames
Just the Artifacts, Madam
Location, Location, Location
Look How They Shine for You
Nowhere to Slide
Rock My Wall
Shaken, Not Stirred
Corpse Cupid
Fishing Tranquil Paths
Logging Tranquil Paths
Mining Tranquil Paths
Only the Monke Onke
Tradecraft Leves (2.0+) Tradecraft Leves (1.x)
- Harnessing Help
Plinks Aplenty
FATEs (2.0+)
Another Round
Breaching the Hive
Clearing the Hive
Conspiracy Theory
Defending the Hive
The Hunted
Kickin' It With the Kedtraps
Stag Parting
Steel Reign
A Tale of Two-Tails
To Whom the Toll Goes


Mining (2.0+) Quarrying (2.0+) Mining (1.x) Quarrying (1.x)
Effervescent Water (lv25, upper)
Ice Shard
Silver Ore
Earth Rock (lv25, upper)
Ice Rock
Ice Shard
Silver Sand
Wind Rock
Raw Garnet
Raw Peridot
Silver Ore
Zinc Ore
White Dye
Earth Rock
Ice Rock
Logging (2.0+) Harvesting (2.0+) Logging (1.x) Harvesting (1.x)
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter (lv30, upper)
Grey Pigment
Gridanian Walnut
Ice Crystal
Ice Shard
Matron's Mistletoe
Walnut Log
Ice Shard (lv35, lower)
Oak Branch
Oak Log
Flax (lv35, lower)
Ice Shard
Wildfowl Feather
Blood Currants (lv40, lower)
Blood Currant Seeds
Germinated Matter
Matron's Mistletoe
Wildfowl Feather
Yew Branch
Yew Log
Green Dye
Button Mushroom
Matron's Mistletoe
Midland Cabbage
Moko Grass
Wizard Eggplant
Fishing (2.0+) Fishing (1.x) Spearfishing (1.x)
(see below) - Black Ghost
Bone Crayfish
Box Turtle
Rainbow Trout
River Crab
Yugr'am Salmon
Purple Dye
Allagan Snail
Box Turtle

Fishing Log: Upper Hathoeva River
Level: 20, Type: Freshwater
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Black Eel
Dark Sleeper
Eunuch Crayfish
Faerie Bass
Mitten Crab
Rainbow Trout
River Crab
Velodyna Carp
Vip Viper

Fishing Log: East Hathoeva River
Level: 25, Type: Freshwater
Black Eel
Dark Sleeper
Eunuch Crayfish
Faerie Bass
The Grinner
Rainbow Trout
Velodyna Carp

Fishing Log: Lower Hathoeva River
Level: 25, Type: Freshwater
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Black Eel
Climbing Perch
Eunuch Crayfish
Faerie Bass
Floating Boulder
Rainbow Trout
Velodyna Carp
Yugr'am Salmon

Fishing Log: Middle Hathoeva River
Level: 30, Type: Freshwater
Armored Pleco
Dark Sleeper
Five-ilm Pleco
Mitten Crab
Rainbow Trout
The Sinker
Velodyna Carp
Yugr'am Salmon


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Antelope Doe
Bark Eft
Coeurlclaw Cutter
Coeurlclaw Hunter
Coeurlclaw Poacher
Midland Condor
Overgrown Offering
Poisonous Flytrap
Qiqirn Beater
Redbelly Larcener
Redbelly Lookout
Redbelly Sharpeye
River Yarzon
Smallmouth Orobon
Water Sprite
Wind Sprite
Antelope Doe
Arbor Squirrel
Black Bat
Canopy Galago
Delta Crab
Dew Hare
Faerie Funguar
Foraging Doe
Ixali Boundwing
Ixali Fearcaller
Ixali Squire
Ixali Stillbeak
Oil Bug
Saltspray Pteroc
Woodsin Thrall
Leve Monsters (2.0+) Leve Monsters (1.x)
Angered Elm
Figgy Pudding
Curious Galago
Evenfall Firefly
Firestarter Imp
Green Dewflower Sylph
Molting Megalocrab
Nutbiter Marmot
Nutbreaker Squirrel
Red Dewflower Sylph
Ringtail Pteroc
Rorogun the Tailtamer
Turquoise Dewflower
Yellow Dewflower Sylph
FATE Monsters (2.0+) Caravan Defense Monsters (1.x)
Antelope Stag
Redbelly Chanter
Redbelly Conspirator
Redbelly Gutter
Redbelly Hivekeep
Redbelly Lookout
Redbelly Sharpeye
Severaint Seven Splinter
Spenser of the Bottomless Cup
Yabi Two-tails
Hive Gate
Alpha Roseling
Roadside Poacher
Roadside Tracker
Roadside Trapper
Territorial Chiglet
Territorial Galago
Territorial Wolf
Quest Monsters (2.0+) Quest Monsters (1.x)
3rd Cohort Decurion
3rd Cohort Eques
3rd Cohort Laquearius
3rd Cohort Signifer
Bigger Chigoe
Coeurlclaw Cutter
Coeurlclaw Hag
Coeurlclaw Healer
Coeurlclaw Hunter
Coeurlclaw Poacher
Coeurlclaw Tailchaser
Coeurlclaw Trapper
Diseased Treant
Earth Sprite
Even Bigger Chigoe
Mud Pie
Mud Pie Princess
Pawah Mujuuk the Ghost
Redbelly Larcener
Scarred Antelope
Sewer Rat
Tainted Earth Sprite
Drake Familiar
Qiqirn Shirrer
Rank B+ Hunts (2.0+) Notorious Monsters (1.x)
Ghede Ti Malice
Monarch Ogrefly
Queen Bolete
Event Monsters (2.0+) Event Monsters (1.x)
- Moon-eared Mouse
Moon-eyed Mouse
Moon-toothed Mouse
Scrambling Spriggan

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