Tozus (トーザス [tozas] in Japanese) is a village of the gnomes in Final Fantasy III. It is located in a forest to the east of the Miranos Mountains, but is small enough that you can only enter if you use Mini on your party members. It is fairly isolated, and the gnomes being so small they likely do not have much any contact with the outside world. The closest human settlement, Gysahl, lies further to the north-east beyond the Outer Sea.
A tunnel simply known as the Tozus Tunnel connects Tozus with the western half of the Miranos Mountains. From there, the Vikings' Cove further connects it to the north and the Miralka Basin.

During the game, the Warriors of Light arrive in the village just in time to save the sick Doctor Shelco. He shows the Warriors the way to the Tozus Tunnel.




Regular NPCs
Doctor Shelco
Unnamed NPCs in Tozus


Inn's Item Shop
Potion - 50 gil
Eye Drops - 40 gil
Antidote - 80 gil

Item Shop
Gnomish Bread - 200 gil

Magic Shop
Fire - 100 gil
Blizzard - 100 gil
Sleep - 100 gil
Thunder - 700 gil
Poison - 700 gil
Blind - 700 gil
Aero - 700 gil


Shelco's House
Phoenix Down x2
Fire Staff
Mythril Bracers

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