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The unnamed Town in Echoes of Time is the central location in the game. It is the only place with shops and other adventuring needs. It's located in the northern half of the map, close to the Ice Mountain, Gate and Fire Mountain dungeons. However, the location of the areas in Echoes of Time in relation to those of other Crystal Chronicles games cannot be determined. The area does bear some resemblance to the Ring of Fates map, and the Tower stage is very similar to the Infinity Spire.

The Town, or at least a town, has stood in the same place for a very long time. Some 800 years ago the Library within Town was standing at least, and there is some hints that it may have been present 2000 years in the past as well.



The entrance zone of the Town at its southern peak features the main shops of the place. These are the Customization Shop and the Item Shop, on the right and left sides of the entrance, respectively. In addition, a save crystal is present just right of the entrance, and above the Customization Shop you can find Artemicion.

From the entrance, you can head right to the docks, or forward to the Library square.

Library Square

The Library square is at the northernmost reaches of the Town. It has a small cafe on the right and a fountain in the middle. The fountain gets its water from the Aqueducts. The entrance to the Library lies to the north. The square seems to be a popular gathering place for people.


The dock area of Town lies to the right of the entrance. It features several useful services for mercenaries and adventurers.

The first of these is the Item Depository, the first establishment on the left. The establishment will hold the extra equipment of mercenaries free of charge. Directly forward of the entrance to docks is the Guild, a place for mercenaries to gather and form parties. In in-game terms this means you can create and switch your NPC characters there, as well as change your unlocked mercenaries in or out of your party.
Down at the docks is the Scratch Card Stall, run by a Moogle. The place allows you to attempt solving the scratch cards in your possession. Finally, at the edge of the docks, there is Stiltzkin who runs the Quest Shoppe. Talk to him to go on a quest and review your unlocked and beaten quests.



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