Tower of Owen


Tower of Owen (オーエンの塔 [owen no tou] or 'tower of owen' in Japanese) is a tower on the floating continent in Final Fantasy III. It is located on a peninsula at the north tip of the inner ring of land, north-east of Castle Argus.

Tower of Owen was built by Owen and his son Desch in the ancient time before the Flood of Light. Its purpose was forgotten by people over time, but actually houses the control mechanism for the flotation of the floating continent itself. Within its depths Owen and Desch slept in cryostasis for a thousand years.

At the start of the game, the earthquake awakens Desch from his stasis and he exits the tower. Having lost his memories, he wanders in with the Warriors of Light, until a gulgan tells them that Desch's destiny lies within the Tower of Owen. The five of them enter the Tower and defeat Medusa who was meddling with the control mechanism. They are slightly too late however, and Desch dives into the furnace at the center of the tower to stabilize it, sending the Warriors of Light away through a teleport mechanism. The Tower sinks into the ground with Desch in it.


The entrance to the tower leads to a floor below ground level that has been partially flooded. To enter higher into the tower, it is required to cast Toad on your party members. The status can be removed once entry to the tower proper is gained.
To find the switch on 5F, you must first advance all the way to the left to trigger a short event. After that, the switch can be found and the way to the sixth floor found.


Echo Herbs

Spark Dagger

Echo Herbs

Bomb Fragment
Echo Herbs

Sonic Knuckles

Flame Mail
Salamand Sword
Zeus's Wrath


Tower of Owen
Blood Bat
Far Darrig
Petit Mage
Boss: Medusa

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