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The Tower (塔 [tou] or 'tower' in Japanese) is the final dungeon in Echoes of Time. It is a tower reaching to the heavens in the middle of a huge desert, and can only be accessed by the Gate, when the latter has been unlocked. The Gate lies between the Fire and Ice mountains, and the Tower directly north of it. Nothing else is known about the location of the Tower in relation to the rest of the word. The only possible clue to it could be that it bears some resemblance to the Infinity Spire of My Life as a King.

The Tower was build by Larkeicus in ancient times to reach the location where the phenomenon that made crystals disappear from the world happened. During dozens, if not hundreds of years, he carefully calculated the location and everything that could have led up to the phenomenon, and built the Tower in exact measurements to have it fulfill its purpose. His reason for doing all this was to prevent the phenomenon from happening at all and to preserve the existence of crystals in the world.
However, what ended up happening drove Larkeicus crazy. When after several millennia of waiting the phenomenon finally happened, it only happened because of his own actions. The explosion that echoed across the time and removed crystals from the past was enabled because he built the Tower where it was, and used the crystal-generating power of Sherlotta to build it.

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