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Tipa is a small village in the Tipa Peninsula, rather isolated from the rest of the continent. It is situated at the southern edge of the peninsula, surrounded by sea. In the Crystal Chronicles game, you are given the chance to name Tipa something else when you start a new game.

Tipa is home to the Crystal Caravan that in the end defeated the Meteor Parasite and rid the world of Miasma. At those times, Tipa was ruled by its mayor Roland.


In the game Tipa has ten households. The houses in the picture clockwise, starting from the entrance: miller, merchant, fisher, farmer, tailor, blacksmith, moogle, mayor, alchemist and rancher.
The shops in Tipa gain more items when the family's child becomes closer to them. In the beginning, hardly anything is available from them.


Default - Fish, Meat, Milk, Spring Water
Alloy, Bronze, Iron
Level 1 - Bronze Shard, Gold, Iron Shard, Mythril, Silver
Level 2 - Chilly Gel, Magma Rock, Thunderball
Level 3 - Dark Sphere, Ultimite

Default - Iron Sword, Partisan, Solid Racket, Wave Hammer, Dual Shooter, Rune Hammer, Sonic Lance, Steel Blade
Bronze Plate, Bronze Gauntlets, Bronze Belt, Bronze Helm, Iron Plate, Iron Shield, Iron Gauntlets, Iron Belt, Iron Helm
Level 1 - Butterfly Head, Dragon Lance, Mythril Hammer, Rune Blade
Mythril Shield, Mythril Gauntlets, Mythril Helm, Mythril Belt
Level 2 - Excalibur, Gungnir, Mystic Hammer, Queen's Heel
Diamond Plate, Diamond Armlets, Diamond Helm, Diamond Belt
Level 3 - Ultima Hammer, Ultima Mail, Ultima Lance, Ultima Sword

Default - Flame Badge, Frost Badge, Thunderbolt Badge, Accurate Watch
Level 1 - Unfaltering Watch, Blue Misanga, Charm of Wisdom, Charm of Speed, Daemon's Earring, Pixie's Earring, Twisted Spectacles, Power Goggles
Level 2 - White Misanga, Gold Necklace, Talisman of Wisdom, Talisman of Speed, Devil's Earring, Angel's Earring, Twisted Scope, Eagle Goggles
Level 3 - Force Ring



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