Three-malm Bend


Three-malm Bend (スリーマルム・ベンド [threemalm bend] in Japanese) is an area in middle La Noscea, right by the Galadion Bay. At its south border is the Descent and the Nym River that flows at its bottom that separate it from Summerford. To the east is the Woad Whisper Canyon. The De Nevelle Westroad continues in a north-westerly direction to Quarterstone through the Bend after its hop down the Descent.

The Three-malm Bend got its name from being just about three malms long (not known in which direction)1. This seems to indicate that it gained its name after the Calamity struck, as before that the Descent wasn't in place to indicate where the Bend starts. Before the Calamity, Three-malm Bend was part of the greater Bearded Rock area.


The Descent

The Descent (デセント断崖 [descent dangai] or 'descent palisade' in Japanese) is a high cliff that cuts through middle La Noscea. It was formed in the Calamity, and it took the Nym River down with it to just about sea level.

De Nevelle Checkpoint

Counterpart to the La Thagran Checkpoint to the south-east, the De Nevelle Checkpoint (デネベール関門 [de nevelle kanmon] or 'de nevelle gateway' in Japanese) was built to protect the city of Limsa Lominsa from inland threats. As the road beyond leads to eastern La Noscea with its garlean-built Castrum Occidens, the Maelstrom keeps the Checkpoint well manned.


The Foremast (フォアマスト [foremast] in Japanese) is said to be the newest Yellowjacket watchtower2, although there is no indication of when it was built. The Foremast also creates a third gate to the city of Limsa Lominsa itself, although regular folk aren't let through, and it is presumed only for military and maybe those with high status in the city. Due to its location, Foremast's bridge into the city presumably leads to the Northern Islands where the noblefolk of Limsa Lominsa live.


The Skylift (スカイリフト [skylift] in Japanese) is an invention of pulleys and balloons filled with lighter-than-air gasses. It allows the continued existence of land-bound trade to and from the western villages and settlements to Limsa Lominsa. It is unknown just when it was built, but it has to have been after the Calamity, but presumably not too long after considering how much importance to the people of Vylbrand the land routes could be.


Note that before the Calamity, Three-malm Bend was part of the Bearded Rock area. Please see the page for Bearded Rock to view information from 1.x times.


De Nevelle Checkpoint
Storm Private Jessamine


Kazai Buoyzai

Quest NPCs
Oboro Torioi
Peculiar Suspect
Shadowy Porter
Suspicious-looking Porter

Storm Sergeant Doenfarr
Maelstrom Recruit
Storm Private

Event NPCs


Main Quests
Courier for a Day
Thanks a Million

Job Quests
The Crow Knows
Strangers in a Strange Land

Side Quests
Baiting Buzzards
Keeping It Fresh
Out to Dry

The Boy Who Cried Jackal
Go Wespe
A Mad Mad Mad Sergeant
Shearing is Caring
Sister Crustacean
The Truth is Out There


Level: 20
Fire Shard
Grade 1 Carbonized Matter

Level: 30
Fire Crystal
Fire Shard
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter
Red Pigment

Fishing: Summerford
Level: 5, Type: Saltwater
Other: the Japanese name of this location further specifies it as the Summerford Coast
Blue Octopus
Finger Shrimp
Harbor Herring
Merlthor Goby
Ocean Cloud
Ogre Barracuda
Silver Shark
Vongola Clam
White Coral


Regular Monsters
Water Sprite
Wild Jackal

FATE Monsters
King Wespe
Mad Sergeant
Pack Jackal
Shearing Sheridan
Spawning Megalocrab

Quest Monsters
Imperial Shadow
Shore Slug

Rank B+ Hunts
Skogs Fru
Vogaal Ja

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