The Worlds in FF Unlimited

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Named Worlds



See Wonderland for more information.

ANT WORLD (episode 1-2)

  • An unnamed big city

** Entrance to the subway

  • Mushroom-tree forest
  • Rock-tree forest
  • Rocky wasteland

EDIBLE WORLD (episode 3-5)

  • Comodeen's hideout (possibly in another world)
  • Grape orchard

** Entrance to the subway

  • Underground waterway (possibly in another world)

** Entrance to the subway

  • Strawberry field
  • Watermelon field

FIRE PILLAR WORLD (episode 6-7)

  • Fire pillar desert

** Entrance to the subway

  • Tadpole pond

** Waterfall

  • Underground (possibly in another world)

** Entrance to the subway


  • Desert

** Entrance to the subway

  • Town sculpted of rock
  • Mansion

** Canal room with eyed buildings
** Dead Pepper room
** Green cross-trap room
** Hallway of giant candles
** Hughug room
** Living sunflower room
** Piano room with rose ceiling
** Walnut rooms


  • Fungo's world
  • Knave's world (can either be the same or different one from Cid and Mireth's world(s))
  • Lou Lupus's world

SOIL WORLD (episode 8)

  • Sand stream desert

** Entrance to the subway

  • Quicksand caves

WORKER WORLD (episode 9)

  • Sewer-like place

** Entrance to the subway

  • Hallway of workers

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