The World in My Life as a King

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Normal Mode Dungeons

Aukul Canyon
Auris Swordpath
Basu Sah Whisperpath
Beltevra Forest
Bronkith Crossroads
Carcus Southway
Clannit Mirrorlake
Corrum Sih Highroad
Dolsam Gulch
Goblin's Den
Janktra Plains
Junun Dei Meadows
Kubito Grotto
Letyna Tundra
Musqu Mazewood
Nefron Beach
Pallum Dei Caverns
Panclare Brightwood
Polpus Mistmoor
Primone Darkwood
Shrine of Awakening
Temple of Ko Ruh
Terun Westway

Hard and Hard/DLC Dungeons

Denthe Bridge
Diaphi Riverway
Enthe Frostfall
Fronze Cove
Garrit Dryway
Jungle Ruins of Si Khem
Kutith Basin
Lost City of Nevul
Ogre Camp
Olvita Barrows
Orc Keep
Orth Bridge
Quavitas Crag
Ramva Riverbank
Vena Eih Marsh

DLC Only Dungeons

Altenica Hills
Axilla Cinderwood
Barbair Abyss
Colossal City of Heparl
Corone Waterkeep
Cortek Sandhollows
Derumi Desert
Desert City of Clavis
Eorta Deepway
Erithrow Cliffs
Fasieth Deepmaze
Glisera Oasis
Hillum Sih Longroad
Infinity Spire
Isle of Giants
Land of O'Kokuh
Langooth Peak
Pranta Rapids
Renth Beach
Rinfor Nightwood
Simuth Hollows
Spire Passage
Tempora Estuary
Tunika Mountains

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