The World in My Life as a Darklord

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Note that there is no evidence of how the maps are connected together, or if they're connected at all. Because of this the maps present in the game have been divided into their own sections below. See the chapters page for details of the locations.



Map 1

Aresial Island
Eversal Plains
Gnalgri Plain
I'Rengia Coast
Kamisath Heights
Old Vanbeige Road
Pake Emerale Forest
Quartint Hills
Rosene Mountains
Ruins of Calperna
Ruins of Rosene
Saint Mohv Lakeside
Tzomrly Strait
Voleebo Flatland
Wirogue Desert
Zukicha Path

Map 2

Burburst Highway
Milei Mountains
Mt Leplantar
Regalet Road
Repi Api Heights
Ruins of Namongres
Savinade Peninsula
Tumbledon River
Yacliva Pass

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