The Standing Corses


The Standing Corses (枯骨の森 [kokotsu no mori] or 'withered bone forest' in Japanese) is what remains of the north-westernmost portion of the old Bentbranch. During the Calamity, the fiery breath of Bahamut burnt out what is now known as Standing Corses, and the area directly to its north that used to be called Emerald Moss (which may now in fact be a part of the Standing Corses, albeit one inaccessible to players). The name comes from how only the withered, burnt remains of trees stand where used to be one of the most verdant areas of the Black Shroud.

Rather than Bentbranch as could be expected, to the south-east of the Standing Corses lies Sorrel Haven, that due to the changes in the land in the area now stretches directly to the south-west of Gridania. From the accessible Standing Corses to the north-west is a connection to Alder Springs that makes players completely skip over the burnt husk of what used to be Emerald Moss.



The Spriggan Dig

The Spriggan Dig (スプリガンの巣窟 [spriggan no soukutsu] or 'spriggan den' in Japanese) is a spiraling cave system under the Standing Corses. In the direct aftermath of the Calamity, the area was covered in corrupted crystals, making it an idea spriggan feeding ground. They gathered in such numbers that in the present day, hardly any crystals are left in the area, leaving behind only the caves that the spriggans have gnawed their way through.


Note that any information about the area from 1.x times is not included here, as the Standing Corses used to be part of the greater Bentbranch area, as well as Emerald Moss if you choose to believe all of the burnt forest is part of Standing Corses instead of just the accessible area.


Quest NPCs
Nameless Conjurer


If I Only Had a Soul
In Spite of it All


Regular Monsters
Crater Golem
Giant Bat
Lightning Sprite
Smoke Bomb
Spriggan Collector

FATE Monsters
Slate Golem

Quest Monsters
Crystal Bearer

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