The Rootslake

The Rootslake (根渡り沼1 [newatari numa] or 'root passage swamp' in Japanese) is a lake (and/or a swamp, see Japanese name) in the south Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV. Originally in version 1.x it was a proper lake in the south-eastern corner of Tranquil Paths. However, its location was either retconned to be much further west, or the Calamity spread it out far enough that it now mostly covers the Lower Paths half of Tranquil Paths. The 2.0+ maps are inconclusive, as they show Rootslake extending further to the south-east as well as further to the north-west.

A tributary of the river Hathoeva puts in at Rootslake, or at least is mixed up with the swamp portion of it. It presumably continues as a proper river further to the south-east, but current-day maps do not extend far enough, so there is a possibility it continued only prior to the Calamity. On the northern shore of the extended Rootslake is (from west to east) Tranquil Paths and Snakemolt. There is a possibility that further to the north-east is Longroot, an area present there in version 1.x but no longer on the maps as of version 2.0. On the south shore of the extended Rootslake is more Tranquil Paths. It bears noting that the location of Snakemolt was retconned between versions 1.x and 2.0, it was originally located to what is now the south-western shore of the Rootslake swamp. What lies to the south-east is a complete unknown.

After the Calamity hit and the original Camp Tranquil was destroyed, it was rebuilt on a stone platform in the middle of the Rootslake swamp. Bridges were hung between the various stone platforms to ensure travelers could continue their journey on the Lumberline, north to Gridania and south to Ul'dah. The Calamity also weakened the earth-aspected aether around the seal of Amdapor enough that the ancient Fifth Astral Era city was exposed and can now be entered. Between the Sixth and Seventh Umbral Eras it was hidden away by the elementals.


Camp Tranquil

Camp Tranquil (キャンプ・トランキル [camp tranquil] in Japanese) was rebuilt over the Rootslake after its initial location further north in the Upper Paths was destroyed in the Calamity. It is currently watched by the Sixth Spear of the Wood Wailers, led by Captain Landenel Peaumasquier, and serves as an important checkpoint for merchants who would transport goods into Gridania.


Note that all information refers to the 2.0 version and later. In version 1.x Rootslake was a simple lake and didn't have any monsters or quests. For Rootslake 1.x fishing data, please see Tranquil Paths.


Camp Tranquil NPCs
Wood Wailer Averay
Wood Wailer Farrimond
Wood Wailer Fierlaine
Wood Wailer Captain Landenel Peaumasquier

Other NPCs
Wood Wailer Alphene
Kupcha Kupa
Kupuni Paku

Brazen Wood Wailer
Honest Wood Wailer
Stodgy Wood Wailer
Unsettled Scholar


Main Quests
On the Properties of Primals

Job Quests
Only You Can Prevent Forest Ire
O Brother, Where Art Thou
Following In His Footsteps
Yearn for the Urn
Heart of the Forest
Taint Misbehaving
Hands of Healing

Conspiracy Theory
Eft for Dead
Fate is a Fecal Mistress
Revenant Things
Rogue on the Water
Spring Forward, Fall Back
Steel Reign
To Train a Tortoise


Level: 50+
Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil
Umbral Rock

Fishing: Rootslake
Level: 35, Type: Freshwater
Armored Pleco
Bone Crayfish
Climbing Perch
Judgment Staff
Mitten Crab
Root Skipper
Son of Levin


Regular Monsters
Bigmouth Orobon
Black Eft
Water Sprite

FATE Monsters
Black Eft
Redbelly Lookout
Water Sprite

Leve Monsters
Craven Condor
Sharptooth Orobon
Shifty-eyed Poacher
Spawning Adamantoise
Turncloak Clairvisse
Vodoriga Cur
Void Mine

Quest Monsters
Emerald Salamander
Lush Morbol
Water Sprite

Rank B+ Hunts
Ghede Ti Malice
Monarch Ogrefly

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