The Mirror


The Mirror (鏡池 [kagami ike] or 'mirror pond' in Japanese) is a pond in central Shroud. Bentbranch can be found on its west shore and Five Hangs to its north (inaccessible to players starting with version 2.0), alongside Lavender Beds to the north-east. Note that since Lavender Beds is by the shores of the Mirror, it must be connected to the Whispering Gorge to the north somehow, as there is a boat connection from the Whispering Gorge to the Lavender Beds. This unpictured connection may just be either the Vein river system as is present in version 2.0+, or the unnamed river system that runs through Five Hangs in version 1.x and can still be found surrounding Lavender Beds in version 2.0+.



The Lilystone (睡蓮岩 [suiren iwa] or 'water lily rock' in Japanese) is a small cliff on an equally small isle on the Mirror. It is accessed through a series of bridges connecting rocks together until the Lilystone isle. The name comes from how the water surrounding the isle is filled with various water flora.



Fishing: The Mirror
Level: 15, Type: Freshwater
Bone Crayfish
Brass Loach
Ghost Carp
Maiden Carp
Moat Carp
Tri-colored Carp

Fishing: Lavender Beds
Level: 30, Type: Freshwater
Other: is is unclear if this water area is supposed to be part of the Mirror or another water system to its north-east, but it is listed here for lack of any name for other water systems in the area
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Dark Sleeper
Monke Onke
Shadow Catfish
Spotted Pleco
Tri-colored Carp

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