The Long Climb


The Long Climb (ロングクライム [long climb] in Japanese) forms the area around Bronze Lake's north-western shores. There are numerous cliffs and ravines, and there is a long drop down the cliffs to the Bronze Lake, especially at the very northernmost shore. This latest is a new development however, as the waters of the Bronze Lake drained forcefully during the Calamity via the Nym River and other rivers of the area. The Calamity is also responsible for the unearthing of the long-buried Nymian ruins that now form the area known as the Floating City of Nym. This phenomenon is largely caused by the greatly weakened earth-aspected aether in the area.

In version 1.x, the Long Climb was simply part of the greater Iron Lake area. Now, Iron Lake forms only the north-eastern shore of Bronze Lake, directly east of the Long Climb - although there is some evidence to suggest as to this being a retcon and the west area was supposedly called Long Climb the whole time. To the south is Oakwood, and to the north only the slopes of Mt O'Ghomoro.


Camp Overlook

Camp Overlook (キャンプ・オーバールック [camp overlook] in Japanese) was built following the Calamity that destroyed Camp Iron Lake, the previous military outpost in the area. Remains of the old Camp Iron Lake can still be seen to the north of Camp Overlook. The Camp is manned by the Red Swallows, a privateer levy of the Maelstrom.

The Floating City of Nym

The Floating City of Nym (ニーム浮遊遺跡 [nym fuyuu iseki] or 'floating ruins of nym' in Japanese) isn't in fact a city, but only parts of the main temples and palaces of ancient Nym. Parts of the ruins were torn from the earth due to the power of corrupted wind crystals combining with the de-aspecting of earth crystals1 in the area during the Calamity.

The Hermit's Hovel

The Hermit's Hovel (隠者の庵 [inja no iori] or 'hermit's hermitage' in Japanese) is a small hovel built at the edge of a steep cliff in northern Long Climb. It is surrounded by hot springs.


Please note that the Long Climb was part of the greater Iron Lake area in version 1.x. To view information from those times, please check out the page for Iron Lake.


Camp Overlook NPCs
Storm Private Augustine
Storm Commander Bloeidin
Storm Private F'majha
Storm Sergeant Swygrael
Delivery Moogle
Merchant & Mender

Quest NPCs
Alisaie Leveilleur
Alphinaud Leveilleur
Bugaal Ja
Ga Bu
Stephanivien de Haillenarte
Grinning Private
Miniature Marauder
Salthound Stevedore
Scowling Private
Scrutinizing Private
Suspicious-looking Trader


Heavensward Main Quests
Unlikely Allies
The Beast That Mourned at the Heart of the Mountain
Beneath a Star-filled Sky

Job Quests
Master of Marksmanship

Side Quests
Claiming the Booty
Dead or Sumfin' Like It
Deduce, Reuse, Recycle
Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag
Helm Me You Love Me
Honor the Fallen
Looking for Trouble
Never Trout That I Love
Operation: Crucible Down
A Pirate's Life for Me
Return to Your Dust

By a Whisker
Fire in the Hole
I'm a Rock, Not a Number
The Only Way Is Up
Peryton, Perhaps
Restless in O'Ghomoro
When the Coeurl's Away


Fishing: Northwest Bronze Lake
Level: 35, Type: Freshwater
Bronze Lake Trout
Four-eyed Fish
Giant Bass
Giant Catfish
Jade Eel
King of the Spring
Mitten Crab
Pond Mussel

Fishing: The Long Climb
Level: 40, Type: Freshwater
Other: the Japanese name further specifies this as the Long Climb Ravine
Bronze Lake Trout
Giant Bass
Giant Donko
Ignus Snail
Thunderbolt Sculpin
Timeworn Leather Map
Warmwater Trout


Regular Monsters
Basalt Golem
Highland Condor
Lightning Sprite
Young Coeurl

FATE Monsters
Basalt Golem
Number 128
Restless Raptor

Quest Monsters
129th Order Priest
Bitoso Adherent
Egi Plume
Gabbro Golem
Guardian of Nym
Imperial Shadow
Kobold Ambusher
Leaping Ringtail

Rank B+ Hunts

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