The Lance


The Lance (槍峡 [soukyou] or 'spear gorge' in Japanese) is an area in Coerthas western highlands. It was located in the Slate Mountains, north of Twinpools, west of Wyrmking's Perch and north-west of Riversmeet. After the Calamity, the area became inaccessible.
The easternmost tip of the area is home to Dusk Vigil. Note that in the calamity, either the Vigil or the Lance area relocated slightly, leaving the Dusk Vigil accessible from the Twinpools area.


The Ayerie

The Ayerie was an unused dungeon in version 1.x. The entrance was guarded by an Ishgardian knight who mentioned its name, but nothing else is known about the area. It could be speculated that it has some relation to the Aery that was added in version 3.0, but this is merely speculation based on the similar name.



Ayerie Guard


Regular Monsters
Goblin Bushwhacker
Spinesnap Ogre

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