The Goblet


The Goblet (ゴブレットビュート [goblet butte] in Japanese) is a settlement in western Thanalan in Final Fantasy XIV. It is a newly built area to house the throngs of adventurers wanting to settle down in Ul'dah, and Ul'dahn citizens are actually forbidden from buying land in the settlement. It is located on a butte somewhere to the south-west of the city itself, in the otherwise inaccessible area between western and central Thanalans. Butte is a type of a rock formation created by weathering in locations where the top layer is harder rock type and the lower layers are softer, creating a type of a stone platform over time as bottom layers wear away while top layers stubbornly stay in place. There are two major exits. The first is through a valley to Hammerlea in western Thanalan, the second through a tunnel to the city of Ul'dah.

The Goblet was established sometime on the first year of the Seventh Astral Era.


The maps above include the Goblet itself, the three sizes of houses available, the two additional rooms available within FC houses, and the Sultana's Breath lobby and apartment. On the Goblet map, the number indicate's the plot's number, S/M/L reveals the plot's size, and the color tells the plot's grade (how expensive it is). Grades go from blue to green, yellow, orange and to red, with blue being grade 1 (the most expensive).

The Brimming Heart

At the very center of the Goblet butte is the Brimming Heart (ブリミングハート広場 [brimming heart hiroba] or 'brimming heart square' in Japanese). At the very center is a fountain, and roads radiate out from it to connect all of the settlement.

The Endless Draught

The Endless Draught (エンドレスドラフト [endless draft] in Japanese) is located on the north-eastern outer side of the Goblet. It is unknown what exactly in that location is named in this way and how it got its name. It may be referencing the viewing terrace at the edge of the outer cliff, which gives a clear view of the ground below.

Goblet Exchange

The Goblet Exchange (ゴブレット市場 [goblet ichiba] or 'goblet marketplace' in Japanese) is the town's main commercial district. It is conveniently located near the bridge that leads to the gates, whether it be Hammerlea or Ul'dah itself that you may be going or coming from.

Raubahn's Salute

Raubahn's Salute (ラウバーンの腕 [raubahn no ude] or 'raubahn's arm' in Japanese) is a viewing platform on the south side of the Goblet, to the south of Sultana's Breath. Together with the Endless Draught, they give a fairly complete view of the surroundings.

Sultana's Breath

Sultana's Breath (ナナモ大風車 [nanamo daifuusha] or 'nanamo great windmill' in Japanese) is the newly built apartment complex on the southern cliffs of the Goblet. The building comes with great windmills that haul water up to the butte for the residents.



Regular NPCs
Flame Private (gate duty)
Housing Merchant
Independent Sutler
Material Supplier
Resident Caretaker
Spoils Collector

Event NPCs
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Event Quests
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Fishing Log: The Goblet
Level: 30, Type: Freshwater
Brass Loach
Dark Bass
Eunuch Crayfish
Faerie Bass

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