The Clutch


The Clutch (クラッチ狭間 [clutch hazama] or 'clutch valley' in Japanese) is a valley in central Thanalan. It is located to the east of Black Brush and to north/north-east of Four Sisters, right along the Royal Allagan Sunway. Continuing the Sunway to north-east will take a traveler to Sandgate in eastern Thanalan. After the destruction the Calamity wrought, it is the only remaining direct route towards Gridania1 far to the north-east.

The Clutch is a fairly unremarkable place, aside from the large lake stretching to its south. It isn't known if this is a retcon or another result of the Calamity, but this unnamed lake was not present on the maps in version 1.x. Either way, the summer house of Eolande Quiveron once stood on the cliffs surrounding the valley, although it was destroyed in the Calamity.

The Clutch wasn't named as such in version 1.x. As the Royal Allagan Sunway passes through it however, it is likely this is meant to be the north-eastern part of the old extended Black Brush area.


The Quiveron Manse

The Quiveron Manse (キヴロン別宅跡 [quiveron bettaku ato] or 'ruins of the quiveron secondary residence' in Japanese) is what remains of the summer house of Eolande Quiveron, who was a member of the Syndicate before the Calamity. The house was destroyed in the Calamity and with Eolande's death there was no one with interest to rebuild it. In the present day, the ruins provide shelter to various bandits who prey on travelers of the Sunway below.

The Unholy Heir

The Unholy Heir (アンホーリーエアー [unholy heir] in Japanese) is a gigantic boulder that fused with a shard of Dalamud's outer shell in the Calamity. Scholars have since pronounced that the shell was made of dark matter.



Desperate Refugee
Tiny Chris


Orobo Part Two: The Spawning


Logging Harvesting
Lightning Crystal (lv50)
Lightning Shard
Alpine Parsnip (lv15)
Black Pepper
Black Pepper Seeds
Levinlight Seeds
Lightning Shard
Yellow Ginseng

Fishing Log: The Clutch
Level: 10, Type: Freshwater
Other: Note that despite the name, this fishing location is the lake south of the Clutch Valley
Bone Crayfish
Brass Loach
Dark Bass
Dusk Goby
Maiden Carp
Old Softie

Fishing Log: The Unholy Heir
Level: 15, Type: Freshwater
Acorn Snail
Aegis Shrimp
Bone Crayfish
Dark Bass
Dark Knight
Maiden Carp


Regular Monsters
Antling Soldier
Cochineal Cactuar
Quiveron Attendant
Quiveron Guard
Sun Bat
Toxic Toad

FATE Monsters
Spawning Orobon

Quest Monsters
Armed Refugee
Baron Von Quiveron III Esquire
Garibald the Fargone
Lawless Bowman
Lawless Cursedealer
Lawless Fistfighter
Lawless Spellweaver
Lesser Gargoyle
Masked Mage
Saber-rattling Swordsman
Saber-rapping Swordsman

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