Thavnair (サベネア [thavnair] in Japanese) is an island towards the equator of Hydaelyn in Final Fantasy XIV. To its north and west lies the Bounty, and to the south and south-east is the Sirensong Sea. Beyond the Dorvos Narrow to the north is the land bridge that connects the continents of Ilsabard to the north and Othard to the north-east.

Thavnair itself consists of the main island of Thavnair, as well as one smaller island (name illegible on currently available maps) to the south-east. The city-state of Radz-at-Han is located on the eastern coast of the main island.

Thavnair is known to be far enough south that it is suffocatingly hot during most or all of the year. There are some hints that it is mostly desert or that at least deserts exist in the area. The locals consume a lot of perfumed products to mask the smell of sweat, and consider better perfumes to be a mark of status. In particular the Althyk lavender is highly priced for its fragrance. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the island produces alchemists of great skill.

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