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Thanalan (ザナラーン [thanalan] in Japanese) is the sandy region around the city of Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV, close to the southern edge of the Aldenard continent. It reaches from the Strait of Merlthor and the Rhotano Sea in the west to the Burning Wall in the east, and is defined by the Sagolii Desert to the south. To the north of the Thanalan region lies Mor Dhona, although at the very least the Carteneau Flats are located in between the two. In addition to the city of Ul'dah, there are two hamlets in the region, called Silver Bazaar and Golden Bazaar. Furthermore, there are the villages of Vesper Bay, Crescent Cove, the Goblet and Little Ala Mhigo, as well as a good variety of smaller settlements and encampments. Vesper Bay provides the region with its main port to the seas and an affordable ferry connection to Limsa Lominsa.

Thanalan is divided into five main areas, those of Central Thanalan and its surrounding Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western Thanalan areas. The entire region is ruled by the city-state of Ul'dah, and as appropriate each area has at least one major Ul'dahn camp around an aetheryte. Additionally, before the Calamity messed up the aetherial flow in Eorzea, each area had at least two aetherial gates.

The weather in Thanalan is in general very dry, and sandstorms aren't uncommon. The entire region has traditionally gotten very little water, although as of the year 1572 of the Sixth Astral Era the weather has gone strange due to unbalanced aether and unseasonal rains haven't been unknown. As for the region's natural riches, they consist of all kinds of ores - most commonly copper but also mythril and electrum - as well as the oil-like substance ceruleum which is used in much of the technologies of the emerging era. Northern Thanalan is the only known deposit of ceruleum in all of Eorzea.


Central Thanalan features the major city of the region, Ul'dah, and indeed, it is the major city of the entire southern half of the continent. It's a merchant city entirely walled in, and its towers can be seen from many a malm away. Surrounding Ul'dah is the Spineless Basin (originally called Cactus Basin, and towards the north can be found Four Sisters, Black Brush, the Clutch and Hellsbrood Holes. In the northern cliffs are the Nanawa Mines that form a new road to Northern Thanalan after the Calamity made untravellable the canyon that was previous used for access.

Northern Thanalan is the one of the more verdant areas of the Thanalan region, and while it doesn't appear to have much habitation to speak of its main feature is the Ceruleum Field where ceruleum is procured. In fact, this is the only place in all of Eorzea where ceruleum can be gotten, and as such surely makes the area of utmost import to Ul'dahn interests. Bluefog is the main area, just east of the Ceruleum Field, and houses a military-led camp to shore up defenses against the invading Garlean forces. The zone also features the areas of Raubahn's Push to the north, Sea of Spires to the east, Hidden Gorge to the south-west and Cutter's Pass to north-west. Cutter's Pass has been largely built over with Castrum Meridianum.

Eastern Thanalan is a very dry and arid area, and its main camp reflects this in being called Drybone. The Royal Allagan Sunway - the trade route to Gridania - runs through Drybone and continues north and east through Wellwick Wood, while to the north of the camp lies the hamlet of Golden Bazaar.
The southern part of the zone is called Sandgate, and there can be found the entrance to the Halatali training grounds. Sandgate in particular is known to be areas frequented by the Amalj'aa, pushing north from their homes in southern Thanalan and beyond. The south-eastern parts of the zone are taken up by Burning Wall.

Broken Water forms the main location of the zone. While it features some vegetation, a traveller heading further south will discover the plain truth - Southern Thanalan is the driest zone of the region, and plagued by Amalj'aa besides. Many of the beastmen call Southern Thanalan their home, and the area features the Amalj'aa stronghold Zahar'ak in Zanr'ak that they traditionally call theirs. South of camp Broken Water on all sides can be found the Burnt Lizard Creek, and the western Red Labyrinth cave/canyon system can be used to bypass Zahar'ak on the way south to Sagolii Desert.

Stretching west from Black Brush is the Royal Allagan Sunway that originates from Vesper Bay at the very edge of the Rhotano Sea. The docks are in the Horizon's Edge or Footfalls area of the zone, depending on how you divide the two up, for they take around the same area on the map just with Horizon's Edge on the higher ground and Footfalls on lower ground. The local aetheryte camp is just off of the Royal Sunway and is appropriately called Horizon.
Further south from the road is the Silver Bazaar, as well as the Hammerlea and Nophica's Wells areas, and the adventurer village of the Goblet. On the very eastern edge facing towards Black Brush are also the Copperbell Mines.

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