Temple of Kiltia


The Temple of Kiltia lies within the city of LeĆ” Monde in Vagrant Story. It must have been the center of the city before the Great Cathedral was built next to it.
Whatever the case, the Temple lies just off the eastern town center, and is connected to the Limestone Quarry through its basement.


The Dark Coast
+save point, container
Hall of Prayer
Those who Drink the Dark
+on the middle level, break the northernmost box. Go to where the box was and push one of the two other boxes south so it fills in a hole. There is a pile of two boxes on the eastern side. Push the top one west so it slides on top of the box that you slotted into the hole. Then push it south five and east two. Back at the northern boxes, smash the one furthest to the west, then push the remaining one east so that it lines up with the eastern boxes. Go to the southernmost box and push it north five so it first goes on top of the box you just moved previously and then falls down from it to the lowest level. Go back to the previous box that you pushed the other box down from and push it west. Go back to the box you made fall down and push it north five. It should now be the northernmost box by two tiles. Go back to the previous box again and push it east. Now go south, and push the southernmost box east once and north thrice. It should go over the box from the previous step and then fall to the lowest level. Break the box you slid it down from. Now go to the box you just made fall down and push it north four, it should be in line with the northernmost box now. Head back to the top level and push it north once, dropping it down to the middle level. Push it east on top of one of the northernmost boxes, then north (to the other northernmost box) and then finally west. Now, push it all the way north, jump on top and climb up. Head onwards.
The Chapel of Meschaunce
The Resentful Ones
+to clear the first puzzle, push the easternmost numbered stone north two and west one. Push the other numbered stone north, east, south. Go to the frictionless block and push it east, north, east. It should now be just north of the boxes. Push the suitable box on top of the frictionless block and climb up.
+to clear the second puzzle, push the numbered stone north, then three west. It should be right north-west of the pile of boxes. Push the southernmost frictionless block west, it should end up next to the same pile. Push the topmost box in the pile north atop the frictionless block, then push the numbered stone north two. Go to the frictionless block you didn't touch yet and push it west. It should hit the numbered stone. Go to the box that was the lower one in the pile and push it east, two north and then west. There should now be a three-wide platform between the frictionless blocks. Go to the upper box and push it north two, to the top of the second frictionless block. Climb up.
Those who Fear the Light
Chamber of Reason
Exit to City Center



Chapel of Meschaunce
Frost Maiden (Mjollnir (Hagane), Runkasyle)
Sonic Bullet
Ghost Hound
Cure Potion x2
Mana Potion x2
Silver Key


Air Elemental
Boss: Last Crusader
Boss: Minotaur Lord
Boss: Kali

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