Tam-Tara Deepcroft
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The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (タムタラ墓所 [tam-tara bosho] or 'Tam-Tara graveyard' in Japanese) is a deep tomb complex close by to Gridania in the Bentbranch area. Not much at all is known about the place, except for what it is. There are several tombs in the lower areas, called the Ak-Inik and Ak-Mena tombs, but it's unknown what these two names refer to. The complex also houses the tomb of Galvaneth the Destroyer, a king from an unknown time and an unknown kingdom.



Regular Monsters
Black Eft
Floating Eye
Friar's Lantern
Goblin Freesword
Plain Pudding
Rotting Corpse
Scarred Kalong
Shroud Hare
Skeleton Soldier
Spiny Dormouse
Sprinting Spriggan
Toad Poacher
Wild Hog

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