Sylphlands (シルフ領 [sylph ryou] or 'sylph district' in Japanese) is the area of the sylphs in Final Fantasy XIV. It's located in the east Shroud, north of Larkscall and north-east of Verdant Drop and Nine Ivies. It bears noting that Verdant Drop was an accessible area in version 1.x, but since version 2.0+ has been a water area, referring to either the waterfall or the lake to the south-west and west of Sylphlands, respectively.

Note that Sylphlands wasn't named such in version 1.x, and was actually part of the greater Larkscall area. However, on this page it is treated as if it was a separate area even then due to its uniqueness. What it didn't have is the constant purple spore clouds it has in the present, these are released into the air by the touched Sylphs who have summoned Ramuh. This first happened in the years directly after the Calamity, before it happened the atmosphere of Sylphlands was very similar (and in fact, identical) to Larkscall.


Goldleaf Dais

The Goldleaf Dais (金葉台 [kinyoudai] or 'gold leaf dais' in Japanese) is a place for gatherings and celebrations built by the sylph. However, after some of them summoned the primal Ramuh, those touched by his influence have taken over the Sylphlands, and they aren't interested in upkeep of buildings. The Dais has fallen into disrepair.

Hanging Barbs

Hanging Barbs (ハンギングバーブ [hanging barb] in Japanese) is a sylph housing area at the edge of an unnamed lake. The sylvan dwellings are built high up in the trees among branches and leaves.

Moonspore Grove

The Moonspore Grove (ムーンスポア・グローブ [moonspore grove] in Japanese) is a wide enclosed valley within which grow moonspores, a special type of fungi that clean the air. Due to its special properties it is where the sylph typically keep their regular podlings, although in the present day, this traditional option is closed to those sylphs who do not want to worship Ramuh.

The Seedbed

The Seedbed (ゆりかごの大樹 [yurikago no taiju] or 'great cradle tree' in Japanese) is a ravine in the middle of which grows a great white moonspore. This arbor of moonspores is where the sylphs take care of their young from podlings into young sylphs.

The Striking Tree

The Striking Tree is a high natural rock formation somewhere within the Black Shroud. It is where Ramuh descends when summoned, and it's accessed via a beastman aetheryte deep in the maze of the Sylphlands.



Quest NPCs (2.0+) Quest NPCs (1.x)
Papalymo Totolymo
Thancred Waters
Vorsaile Heuloix
Y'shtola Rhul
Yda Hext
Hostile Sylph
Shifty Botanist
Shifty Carpenter
Shifty Conjurer
Shifty Leatherworker
Shifty Merchant
Shifty Youngling
Suffocating Private
Teary-eyed Private
Wheezing Private
Una Tayuun
Path Companion


No quests started in Sylphlands in version 1.x.

Main Quests (2.0+)
Scattered Scions
True to Form
Levin an Impression

Breaking Dawn
Bush Blade
The Gale that Rocks the Cradle
Got Milkroot
Handful of Dreams
What a Boar


Fishing: Sylphlands
Level: 45, Type: Freshwater
Other: the Japanese name further specifies this as the Sylphlands Valley. Any and all little spring and stream and lake in the vicinity is part of this fishing spot
Common Sculpin
Giant Bass
Magicked Mushroom
Mushroom Crab
Southern Pike
Timeworn Goatskin Map
Velodyna Carp


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Milkroot Cluster
Milkroot Sapling
Sylph Bonnet
Sylpheed Screech
Sylpheed Sigh
Sylpheed Snarl
Violet Screech
Violet Sigh
Violet Snarl
Creeping Ivy
Doomvoid Guivre
Dwarf Banemite
Redwing Ked
Sylph Susurrus
Wild Boar
FATE Monsters (2.0+)
Daxio of the Dawn
Milkroot Sapling
Pulxio of the Short Gale
Truculent Boar
Volxia of the Blade
Quest Monsters (2.0+) Quest Monsters (1.x)
Furious Sigh
Furious Snarl
Sylpheed Cackle
Sylpheed Chuckle
Sylpheed Wail
Sylph in Scion's Clothing
Sylphlands Sentinel
Violet Screech
Violet Sigh
Violet Snarl
Coming soon
Rank B+ Hunts (2.0+) Notorious Monsters (1.x)
Stinging Sophie

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