Sunken Ship


The sunken ship (難破船 [nanpasen] or 'shipwreck' in Japanese) is a ship that the Warriors of Darkness find in the World of Darkness by the Crystal Temple. While its sails are torn and the deck has several holes in it, the ship is otherwise in surprisingly good condition and can be sailed yet.

That is exactly what the Warriors decide to do - for lack of anything better - and go on their way. Everything seems to go well until they get caught in a very strong current of some kind, and drift all the way to the southern tip of the far eastern continent where Verde and Alfheim lie. After this, the ship becomes inoperable.

Other than for the deck of the ship, the back cabin and belowdecks are accessible. In the back cabin there are several beds to rest on and a save point.



Phoenix Down
1,500 gil


Boss: (octopus) x2

Category: Area

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