St Ivalice

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St Ivalice (St.イヴァリース [St Ivalice] in Japanese) is a countryside town in Tactics Advance and Grimoire of the Rift. While it's unknown it what world exactly St Ivalice is located in, it's likely that it is in the future of Ivalice, the world/region/kingdom also present in Final Fantasy XII, Tactics and Vagrant Story. Its more accurate location cannot be determined, although it is likely it's in the northern regions of the world as the town can gain a heavy snowfall.

The technological level of St Ivalice seems to correspond to maybe 60's or 70's real world, although with the added bonus of video games such as Final Fantasy. However, this impression can be due to the town being in the backwaters. What's known for sure is that cars and neon lights exist, while at least some houses still seem to have coal heating in the rooms.


It bears noting that the world St Ivalice is located in doesn't seem to have any magic or monsters, and at the very least children aren't aware that they would have ever existed in the world, considering them to be mere fancy.

St Ivalice is where the story of Tactics Advance starts. Marche Radiuju's family has just moved in town, and Marche has joined the local school. Right after having made new friends, Mewt Randell opens a book he had just bought from a used book store, that turns out to be a Gran Grimoire. The people of St Ivalice are transferred in their sleep to the dream Ivalice, with none the wiser except for Marche and his friends, the ones who had seen the contents of the Grimoire. In the end, St Ivalice is returned back to the way it used to be, although it seems that some of the experiences of the dream Ivalice might have stayed in the subconsciousness of some people after they'd returned.

St Ivalice is visited again in Grimoire of the Rift, when the family of Luso Clemens moves into town. Luso becomes a student of the now-aged Mewt, and finds a Gran Grimoire in the school's library. He's transported into the past of Ivalice from which he returns safely after a long adventure.



Radiuju House

The Radiuju family is said to live in a yellow house. Considering this is the only characteristic given when telling another person where the house is located, this might be a hint as to the town's size. However it is, in the house live Marche Radiuju, his brother Doned and their mother.
It is unknown how big the house is in total, but it appears that Marche and Doned share a room.



There is at the very least one school in St Ivalice, and it appears to be an elementary school, although could be combined with higher grades. It is an old-fashioned-looking brick building with a green roof, and features a rather sizable library. It is unknown how many students - or indeed, how many classes in total - there are in the school. Marche's class can be confirmed to have at least 8 total students with the addition of Marche.

In a side story to Grimoire of the Rift, an illustration is shown with a view from a classroom's window. It shows a field and trees, suggesting that the school might be located in the outskirts of the town.

In the days of Marche and Mewt one of the class teachers was Mr Leslaie. In Luso's days one of the class teachers is Mr Blair, with Mewt Randell as the librarian. Nothing else is known about the management of the school.




There is nothing that can be said for certain about the hospital in/near St Ivalice but that they have the capacity to take care of patients with whatever ails Doned Radiuju, who is in a wheelchair. It isn't known exactly what is wrong with him, except that he's sick and cannot walk by himself.
The hospital building appears to be of light gray/purple stone with a purple roof. It has an inner yard with a water fountain and some trees.



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