Spineless Basin


This area has been called two different things over the course of the years. Before the Calamity, it was known as the Cactus Basin (覇王樹盆地 [haouju bonchi] or 'dynast king tree basin' in Japanese), and was home to many cactuars as well as regular cacti1. The Calamity wrought many a change in the area however, and the native cactuars all but disappeared even as most of the native flora was burnt out. The area was renamed Spineless Basin (刺抜盆地 [togenuki bonchi] or, roughly, 'basin with its needles pulled').

The Spineless Basin is located in the southern portions of (accessible) central Thanalan. Its reach varies somewhat between versions 1.x and 2.0+, possibly due to a retcon. In version 2.0 and later it surrounds the north-eastern half of Ul'dah and reaches all the way to the city gates, while in version 1.x the gates opened to Black Brush and Spineless Basin didn't start until a little ways to the east from there. Presently it is separated from Black Brush to the north by the Soot Creek, which may or may not have surfaced due to geological shifts during the Calamity. To the north-west lie the cliffs of Four Sisters. In the south a road connects the Basin to Broken Water in southern Thanalan. It is unclear what lies to the south-west, although as it can be deduced from access points that the village of the Goblet lies there, that area is probably mountains and cliffs.


Fesca's Wash

Fesca's Wash (フェスカ冒険者キャンプ [fesca boukensha camp] or 'fesca adventurer camp' in Japanese) is a camp for those adventurers with no connections and not enough gil lying around to afford the expensive accommodations within the city of Ul'dah itself. It is transient in nature but still a permanent enough fixture to have earnt its own name in the shadow of Fesca's Watch.

Fesca's Watch

Fesca's Watch (フェスカ展望台 [fesca tenboudai] or 'fesca viewing platform' in Japanese) is a monumental cliff on the northern reaches of Spineless Basin, surrounded by the waters of the Soot Creek. It used to be connected to the heights of the Four Sisters, but presumably the connecting stone arches collapsed in the Calamity as they are no longer there.
It is unknown just where the name 'Fesca' comes from.

Royal Plantations

When the Calamity started bringing in floods of refugees on top of those from Ala Mhigo who had reached the city in earlier years, the Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo decreed that plantations be established right outside the city gates to grow food for the poor, and this is how the Royal Plantations (王立ナナモ菜園 [ouritsu nanamo saien] or 'royal nanamo vegetable gardens' in Japanese) came to be. However, Ul'dah being Ul'dah the produce mostly makes its way to the tables of the rich.
The current overseer is Gagari.


Stonesthrow (ストーンズスロー貧民窟 [stonesthrow hinminkutsu] or 'stonesthrow slums' in Japanese) is a shantytown right outside the walls of Ul'dah. It is a place for refugees awaiting for their Ul'dahn citizenship to live, and is not known for its accommodations. Those who eventually despair sometimes make their way to Lost Hope, another shantytown to the north in Black Brush.

The Sultantree

The Sultantree (ササガン大王樹 [sasagan daiouju] or 'sasagan great king tree' in Japanese) is the biggest and oldest of the distinctive trees native to the area. It is named after sultan Sasagan Ul Sisigan, the founder of Ul'dah.

Ul'dah Dispatch Yard

The Ul'dah Dispatch Yard (ウルダハ操車庫 [uldaha soushako] or 'ul'dah train operation warehouse' in Japanese) is the Ul'dah side station of the recently built railway owned by Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. The steam-powered trains transport ore from the outlying regions to the city where it's sold and manufactured into goods by the city's various guilds.


Note that information on version 1.x is not missing despite its absence. In version 1.x there was nothing but monsters in the Cactus Basin.


Royal Plantations

Ul'dah Dispatch Yard
Stationmaster Papashan

Other Areas
Flame Private Jovial Giant
Flame Private Withekind

Franz the Fair
Hildibrand Manderville
Nanamo Ul Namo
X'rhun Tia
Brass Blade
Brass Blade Commander
Burly Bloke
Cowardly Challenger
Downtrodden Daughter
Gutless Gladiator
Mistrustful Merchant
Piqued Pauper
Pleasant Pauper
Pragmatic Pauper
Red-garbed Traveler
Scrubby Stripling
Serious Sultansworn
Servile Sultansworn
Stern Sultansworn
Stone Torch
Well-dressed Lad


Main Quests
Nothing to See Here
Underneath the Sultantree
Step Nine

Job Quests
An Exemplary Example
The Paladin Who Cried Wolf

Side Quests
Listen to Your Fish
The Slaying of the Shrews


Mining (2.0+) Quarrying (2.0+)
Bone Chip (lv5)
Copper Ore
Lightning Shard
Muddy Water
Wind Shard
Logging (2.0+) Harvesting (2.0+)
Cloves (lv10)
Cock Feather
Lightning Shard
Lightning Crystal (lv30)
Purple Pigment

Fishing Log: Lower Soot Creek
Level: 10, Type: Freshwater
Aegis Shrimp
Bone Crayfish
Brass Loach
Dark Bass
Dusk Goby
Maiden Carp
Slime King


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Giant Tortoise
Huge Hornet
Little Ladybug
Snapping Shrew
Star Marmot
Laughing Mongrel

FATE Monsters
Grishild the Ungood

Quest Monsters
Duskwight Freelancer
Duskwight Freelancer Captain
Holed Mole
Lesser Blanga
Mysterious Assailant
Snipping Shrew

Rank B+ Hunts
Sabotender Bailarina

Event Monsters
Enormous Egg

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