South Shroud

South Shroud (黒衣森:南部森林 [kokui mori: nanbu shinrin] or 'black forest: south part woods' in Japanese) forms the watery southern area of the Black Shroud. Its main locations are Tranquil Paths (divided into Upper and Lower Paths post-Calamity), Silent Arbor, Snakemolt, Longroot and Urth's Fount. The hamlet of Quarrymill can also be found in the area.
The Rootslake flooded in the Calamity and changed the southernmost parts of South Shroud into swampland, and in addition to the lake the Hathoeva River runs through in a north-west to south-east direction. It's also worth noting that the Urth's Fount can be found in wasn't accessible until after the Calamity, and the Longroot area became inaccessible at the same time.

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