South Figaro Sea
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South Figaro Sea is the fifth area of Final Fantasy All the Bravest. Like all other areas, it has four distinct locations for exploring, two of which are boss battles.
While not much can be said about its location in the world in relation to the other locations, it's known to be directly to the west of Fabul Waterway and to the north of Eureka Forest.




This section lists the available loot from the monsters in the area.

Aevis Killer
Ancient Sword
Beast Killer
Cat Claws
Crystal Sword
Lilith Rod
Shining Staff
Stardust Rod
Sun Blade
Zwill Crossblade


This section lists the available monster encounters in every location of the area.

South Figaro Sea 1
Ahriman x3
Coeurl x2
Crawler x4
Enchanted Fan x2
Magitek Armor
Rare: Prototype

South Figaro Sea 2
Boss: Ultros, Typhon

South Figaro Sea 3
Enchanted Fan x3
Magitek Armor x2
Magna Roader x2
Rare: Mover x3, Magna Roader
Miniboss: Great Malboro

South Figaro Sea 4
Boss: Kefka

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