Snowfly Forest

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The Snowfly Forest is situated south (south-east) of the city of LeĆ” Monde in Vagrant Story, on the same island as the city itself. It is divided into the main section, and a small eastern section which seems to be far from the main forest accessible in the game.

The main portion of the Snowfly Forest is very difficult to traverse. What looks like a straight line on the map can in fact have parts inaccessible from your route and others that take you to other parts of the map entirely. This is due to the effect of the snowflies in the area, they mess with your head.
On the map below, each portion of it ('room') is given a number, and each exit in that portion is given a number they connect to. Note that zone line you end up at will not always (or, in fact, the majority of the time) take you back to where you came from. Quite often trying to backtrack will take you to a different place entirely.


Snowfly Forest

The Faerie Circle
The Hunt Begins
Which Way Home?
The Birds and the Bees
Traces of the Beast
Fluttering Hope
Return to the Land
The Spirit Trees
They Also Feed
The Yellow Wood
Where Soft Rains Fell
Forest River
+container, magic circle
Lamenting to the Moon
Running with the Wolves
You Are the Prey
The Secret Path
Hewn From Nature
The Wood Gate

Snowfly Forest East




Forest River
Knuckle Guard
Circle Shield (Hagane, Djinn Amber)
Chain Mail (Iron)
Sylphid Ring
Grimoire Agilite
Acolyte's Nostrum

Hewn from Nature
Corpse Reviver (Firangi (Iron), Cross Guard)
Circle Shield (Bronze, Sylphid Topaz)
Vera Tonic x3
Cure Bulb x3


Snowfly Forest
Fire Elemental
Zombie Knight
Boss: Earth Dragon
Boss: Grissom & Dark Crusader

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