Snakemolt (蛇殻林 [jakakurin] or 'snakemolt grove' in Japanese) is an area in the south Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV. In version 1.x it was located to the south-west of Tranquil Paths (around where the city of Amdapor is located), but in version 2.0 its location was retconned. It is now found between Lower Paths in the south-west and Silent Arbor in the north-east, around where Longroot used to be, and Longroot itself is no longer to be found on the maps. However, in both versions it is a path area on higher elevation than Tranquil Paths, with narrow winding roads. There used to be an aetherial gate in the area, which of course disappeared when the Calamity mucked about with the flow of aether throughout the land. Urth's Gift is in a valley a ways to the east, but what lies between them is unknown.

Another aspect that the Calamity changed was the revelation of the long-buried Amdapor Keep. It was built in the Fifth Astral Era, and had lain sealed away by the elementals between the Sixth and Seventh Umbral Eras. Now that the Keep is revealed, the ruins of its foremost fortifications cover most of Snakemolt. The Keep itself is to the west.

Snakemolt gained its name from a local legend1. It is said that sometime in the distant past, a great serpent shed its skin here. That skin laid unchanging on the ground for thousands of years, until one day it disappeared save for a single scale left behind. Some scholars speculate that the serpent was actually a legless dragon, but the truth of the matter is unknown. It is also unknown what is supposed to have happened to that single scale.



Wood Wailers (2.0+)

Quest NPCs
Ardashir Balyk
Hildibrand Manderville
Leveva Byrde
Unsettled Scholar


Main Quests (2.0+)
In Flagrante Delicto


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters 1.x
Deepvoid Deathmouse
Lesser Kalong
Downcast Hippocerf
Scout Vulture
Toxic Toad
Tree Slug

Quest Monsters (2.0+)
3rd Cohort Death Claw
Aetherbound Gnat

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