Silvertear Lake

Silvertear Lake is a lake in the middle of the Mor Dhona region, and appears to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest lake in Eorzea. It used to be surrounded by verdant nature, but due to disturbances in the aetherial flow in the area, it dried up and is periodically enveloped in miasma. The famed Silvertear Falls lie to the west and slightly south.

In the past, the Keeper of the Lake, the great dragon god Midgarsormr slept beneath the lake. 10 years in the past however, the Garleans came, supported by their flagship Agrius. The Keeper burst up from the lake to defend the area and its aether. The battle of Silvertear Skies ensued, with the result that both the Agrius and Midgarsormr fell to the waters below. In the current day, both are dried-up husks, remnants of that faithful day.


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