Seal Rock


Seal Rock (シールロック [seal rock] in Japanese) is an island somewhere in the seas around Aldenard. It may be located either in the Rhotano Sea or the Indigo Deep, its exact location is unknown. In the present day, it is used for practice battles between the Grand Companies. In gameplay terms, it is a PVP area.


The island was found in 1562, and soon a rumor spread among the pirates in the city that this was actually the Swallowtail Roam of Lominsan legend and that immeasurable treasure was hidden on the island just waiting for someone to pick it up. However, arcanists and Knights of the Barracuda were swiftly sent to the island to secure it by the man who was the Admiral at the time, and so the general public was none the wiser as to what attracted all the attention there. The abovementioned rumors of treasure are what initially caught the attention of Y'shtola Rhul when she first arrived in Limsa Lominsa that same year.

An expedition was put together to explore the island, but on the way there the Seal Rock Unit was met with Serpent Reavers. The casualties were heavy. However, before this doomed expedition happened the arcanists of Mealvaan's Gate managed to retrieve certain items from the island, probably the reason more manpower was sent. One of these items was a stone tablet that was held by the First Assessor J'arhll, and this is how Y'shtola and the Circle of Knowing came to know of it.

It has been theorized that the tablet and the other treasure, a bone horn, were behind many of the unexplained events in 1562, and that later on they came to be in possession of Louisoix Leveilleur who fashioned them into the staff Tupsimati. For certain, the Ascians were after both in 1562, and targeted Tupsimati in the present day after the Calamity as well. Whatever the case, it is unknown just what significance the two items had, and how they ended up on Seal Rock.

The storyline involving the two items and Seal Rock in version 1.x was left incomplete. Some time after the Calamity, the famed Seal Rock was chosen as one of the battlegrounds for practice battles between the Grand Companies.


The locations at Seal Rock are given no lore anywhere officially. The (i) symbols on the map are Allagan tomeliths from which information is retrieved by the Grand Companies sent to this contested area.

A list of the locations present in Seal Rock and their Japanese names are given below.

Location list
The Broken Link - ブロークンリンク [broken link]
The Dig - 先遣隊の発掘場 [senkentai no hakkutsujou] or 'advance team's excavation site'
The Long Defile - ロンデファイル浸食谷 [long defile shinshokuya] or 'long defile erosion valley'
The Serpent's Throat - サーペントスロート [serpent throat]
Swallowtail Sands - スワローテイル海岸 [swallowtail kaigan] or 'swallowtail coast'
Seal Rock Landing - シールロック・ランディング [seal rock landing]


Note that Seal Rock wasn't accessible within the game in version 1.x despite featuring heavily in the story.

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